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Inside the Great Blue Hole of Belize


Inside the Great Blue Hole of Belize

Dive and Snorkel Belize’s Blue Hole An almost perfectly circular sinkhole measuring 300 meters across, the Great Blue Hole is one of the most popular and special sites for diving…

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Benque Viejo del Carmen Town

Widely known simply as “Benque” to locals, Benque Viejo del Carmen is the westernmost population center in Belize. Situated a mile from the Guatemalan town of Melchor de Mencos, Benque…

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Garifuna Settlement Day

Nearly 400 years ago, the British began importing slaves from Africa to plantations on Caribbean islands like St. Vincent. Over time, these African peoples began to intermarry with local Arawak…

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How to Make Hudut, a Traditional Garifuna Food

The Garifuna have many delicious foods that are part of their culinary heritage, but one classic staple graces the tables of Garifuna families all over Belize. Hudut is a delicious…

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The First Humans in Belize

Since the first stone arrowheads were discovered in Clovis, New Mexico in the 1920s, archeologists have been working to understand how early humans first came to the Americas. A new…

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10 things to know about Baron Bliss – Belize’s Greatest Benefactor

    Being the only nation in Central America with English as its official language, Belize occupies a unique role in the region. But one of the truly curious facts…

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Gales Point Village in the Belize District

Easily visible on a map as a long finger stretching out from the mainland, Gales Point Village is one of the most beautiful spots in Belize. The local Creole villagers…

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The Ultimate Belize Bucket List – The New Travel “Bible” for Belize

Until a decade ago, there were very few international flights into Belize, and much of the country was a remote wilderness only visited by the most intrepid travelers. Today, a…

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