12 incredible places to visit in Canada

12 incredible places to visit in Canada


Looking for a complete package of thrill, adventure, beauty, nightlife, and fantastic food, then Canada is the place to go. Canada is indeed one of the most beautiful places in the world, being amply endowed with nature’s beauty. The country is replete with some amazing cities with awe-inspiring landmarks and fantastic architecture. Canada is a place to behold and cherish for a lifetime. Canada is home to some of the most beautiful places. Here is a list of all the places to visit in Canada on your next vacation:

  1. The CN Tower

Canada is known for its enthralling beauty, but there is one iconic sight that you cannot miss. The CN tower is the jewel of the Toronto skyline and is the most impressive sight to behold. Take a cruise on Lake Ontario and see the downtown skyline to understand the magnitude of its height. The glass flooring in the tower is sure to mesmerize you. But keep in mind that it is not a place for those who are acrophobic; otherwise, you will need some help. The glass flooring does give you a clear picture of the elevation and is bound to leave you awestruck.

  1. Quebec City

A simple stroll down this gem of a city will mesmerize you; the reason being the beautiful houses and all other buildings inspired by French architecture. The changing of the guard ceremony at Citadelle of Quebec is not to be missed. The main market is a beauty and a delight for all tourists, especially during the summer season. Just a walk down the cobbled street needs no help and is a bespoke attraction. If walking through Vieux-Québec is not your cup of tea, then pick up a bike and enjoy along the Samuel-de-Champlain.

  1. Niagara

The view of Niagara Falls from the Canadian side does them full justice. Stay over and see the glorious and majestic Horseshoe Falls lit up for the night. The Falls are sure to play up your eyes with illusions, but the sight is unforgettable. Wait till morning and take a go on the Maid of the Mist. Enjoy some cool showers underneath the falls without any help. The grandeur of these Falls is unmistakable, and just one visit will leave you spellbound. The city is perfect for a stroll while meeting fellow students of this part of the country.

  1. Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

This iconic basilica in the city of Montreal sits atop Mount Royal crowing the beautiful city. The church houses one of the largest domes in the world. The Oratory is a must visit owing to the beautiful interiors and equally gorgeous exteriors. The basilica is surrounded by some of the most exquisite gardens for tourists to behold and also help in meditation. Get enthralled by the beauty of The Garden of the Way of the Cross and the French-inspired flowerbeds. The Iris Frere Andre cannot be missed owing to its spectacular beauty.

  1. Western Brook Pond

Western Brook Pond is a Canadian Lake located in the most northern part of the dreamy Appalachian Mountains. The pond is the place for hikers and wildlife enthusiasts because of its incomparable beauty. The steep rock walls are breathtaking, and the place is accessible from a 3km hike. Adding to the beauty of this place are the untouched waters without much of human influence. The place is worth exploring with the help of the two tour boats that cruise the lake. Moreover, the cruise will give you some of the spectacular sights of pristine waterfalls, cliffs and, the Long Range Mountains. The beauty of the lake is peaceful enough to rejuvenate you on your vacation.

  1. Niagara-on-the-Lake

The loveliest town of the country, Niagara-on-the-Lake is the meeting place of Lake Ontario and the Niagara River. Today, the townhouses colonial style buildings along with the oldest Anglican and Catholic churches in Ontario. The town also has Niagara College, hence is often flocked by students. The Niagara College offers multiple programs including food and wine sciences, media, and technology. The students of Canada have easy access to homework assistance. Owing to homework checker services like Edubirdie and other homework help Canada, the students often get help from online sources. Students often visit EduBirdie for homework help and some other writing services as well. The College has other campuses as well located in Welland and Saudi Arabia. The Maid of the Mist campus was, however, closed in 2018.

  1. Abraham Lake

An artificial lake in Alberta, Abraham Lake is a vision in blue. During the colder months, methane forms frozen bubbles under the surface. The methane is produced by the decaying plants of the region, which renders its help the beauty of the lake. It is the bubbles of the gas that get trapped in the ice and render the lake its remarkable photogenic appeal. The rock flour gives the lake its true blue color just like other glacial lakes. This Alberta’s largest reservoir is an attraction for scores of photographers. The sapphire beauty is equally stunning in the summer season.

  1. Cavendish Beach

If you are seeking some adventures amidst the calm of nature, then this beach is the perfect location. The white beach amidst the rocky cliffs makes it an ideal setting for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing without much help. Stretching for 8km, this natural sandy beach makes for a sight being surrounded by the red cliffs.

  1. Lake Louise

The azure waters with a backdrop of alpine trees are bound to leave you speechless. During winters help yourself to some skating while in the summer kayaking is a good option. Located in the west of Calgary, in Alberta, Banff National Park is a true retreat. With glaciers and ice fields dotting the area, the tourists are in for a visual treat.

  1. Jasper National Park

Another gem lying in the province of Alberta, the park is the largest in the Canadian Rockies. A retreat for all stargazers, Jasper National Park, is also rich in glaciers, hot springs, lakes, waterfalls, and mountains. It is perfect for a weekend full of fishing, hiking, wildlife watching, rafting, and camping. Help yourself to this amazing vacation towing your kayaks along.

11.              Bay of Fundy

Whale watchers and kayakers equally visit the water place for some summer adventure. The natural tide pool is a sight to watch. It is worthwhile to take a walk around the shoreline just to see the eroded rocks during the low tide. Get mesmerized by the amazing shapes the rocks manifest themselves in. No wonder Bay of Fundy is one of the seven wonders of North America. The bay houses some of the rarest whales and is blessed with some of the pristine dinosaur fossils and minerals. The Hopewell Rocks are a photographer’s delight.

  1. Dempster Highway

Hiking in an area untouched by pollution is the primary attraction. Keenly watch out for some roadside grizzlies as well. The highway in itself is a perfect location to set up a camp. Moreover, the rivers along the highway provide ample sites for kayaking, rafting, and even canoeing. Go ahead on the highway, and you will reach the Arctic Ocean to help yourself to some salty air.

Canada is indeed a beauty with waters as blue as in Belize. The country with its economical lodging options is a good place to visit even for students.

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