Explore Belize by ATV | Belize Rainforest Safari ATV Tours

Explore Belize by ATV

Explore Belize by ATV

Belize is famous for its astonishingly beautiful nature and is a country blessed with rainforests, majestic waterfalls, and thick jungles teeming with birds and exotic wildlife. But the lush climate that gives Belize its very diverse ecosystem can be difficult to negotiate using regular vehicles. Sometimes, the best way to explore Belize’s most beautiful wild areas is by ATV.

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or “quads” combine the mobility of an automobile with a rugged design that is perfect for exploring Belize. Easy to drive even for people who have never operated an ATV before, these durable vehicles are the best way to reach hidden delights such as Davis Falls, zip lines that criss-cross the jungle canopy, and lovely villages on the beach.

Our full range of guided ATV tours allows you to reach some of the most amazing locations in Belize. Whether you want to have fun zipping around the beach or test your skills on narrow jungle trails, our ATV tours let you see a side of Belize that few other visitors will ever know about. Best of all, our ATV tours allow you to get deep in the heart of nature where you can see hundreds of flowering plants, flocks of tropical birds, and exotic wildlife like black howler monkeys.

Options include crossing citrus orchards and fording seven different river crossings to reach Davis Falls, the second-tallest waterfall in Belize. Located deep in the heart of the jungle, this area is completely inaccessible to normal vehicles. But with our ATV tour, you can not only have fun getting there but also enjoy a fun day of swimming and water slides at the base of the falls.

Other fun ATV tours include visiting the spooky Lynam Prison. Once built to house Belize’s most hardened criminals, the facility was abandoned decades ago and is slowly being reclaimed by the jungle. After touring this site that some believe is haunted, the tour continues with a fun zip line adventure, sailing through the treetops along a series of cables.

For those who want to learn more about nature in Belize, we offer a number of jungle ATV tours. These expeditions go to the remotest parts of the jungle where you can learn about the many birds, animals, and plants that live in Belize, including many plants which have been used by locals for centuries to create powerful medicines. We also have ATV tours to remote caves that few visitors know about, a great way to learn more about the ancient Maya who conducted their most solemn ceremonies in caves.

Contact Untame Belize, a top-rated adventure travel company in Belize to book this tour.

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