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THE ULTIMATE BELIZE BUCKET LIST is more than a compilation of exciting things to see and do in Central America’s fastest growing tourism hotspot. Offering an insider glimpse into the nation’s most coveted and awe-inspiring experiences, it goes beyond the clichés often presented in travel guidebooks and reveals the hidden gems that make this country particularly special. Get the secrets to taking your Belize adventure to the next level with local expert tips that will ensure your trip to this extraordinary destination is an unforgettable one.


For thirty years, the smell of hand-made corn tortillas, refried beans, stewed chicken, and hot coconut oil working toward the creation of the perfect fried jacks woke up the author of this Belize travel guide. He now offers his homeland to the world. Son of the soil, born and bred in the village of Bullet Tree Falls, Larry has created with this Belize travel guide a bible of sorts about all places and things Belizean.

There are hundreds of writers working for travel guide books who, like their employers, have fallen in love with the 8,867 square miles of “the Jewel”—the only English-speaking country in Central America. We welcome them and honor them for considering Belize worth the time they invested traveling throughout her length and breadth and telling the world of Larry’s home land.

This travel guide was written for you, the novice traveler to Belize and the veteran, alike. For the novice, this document will be all you need. It will direct you and augment your ideas on where to stay and tour and will offer information on opportunities that will make you fall in love with the place. And the veteran Belize traveler is sure to find places they may not have known were here, too.

This travel guide will fulfill the new Belizean traveler’s holiday desires and help the veteran Belize traveler make so many more awesome memories. Here is Belize: the land where Paleo Indians searched for mammoths and mastodons, archaic people developed tools to hunt small game, the pre-Maya culture experimented with corn’s ancestor teocinte, the ancient Maya consulted their two amazing calendars, mathematics, astronomy, trade, agricultultural practices, and medicine. This is the place. It’s time to visit, and this travel guide will help you!

The barrier reef protects almost the entire length of the eastern part of the country from the massive power of the Caribbean Sea. Snorkeling, diving, fishing, and swimming with sharks are very popular here and there is space for you. Inland, the jungle covers some secrets that you need to witness on your own. Rivers snake through the forests and over 500 species of birds populate the very space that five species of cats—including the great jaguar—prowl. The jungle has been giving up secrets of the great Maya civilization consistently over the last 100 years, and the remnants of this enigmatic culture has also allowed us the incredible opportunity to visit the natural cave cathedrals that they used for spiritual ceremonies, burials, and accessing their ancestors and gods. We live here and are blown away every single day. This travel guide directs you to these amazing experiences.

Today, an incredible potpourri of color and taste and people populate Belize. It is the smallest country in Central America and certainly the youngest on the entire American mainland. All of this is here, in this guide for you. The Maya, Garinagu, Creole, Mestizo, Indian, Chinese, Taiwanese, European, African, and American cultures welcome you to Belize. It’s going to be awesome!

About The Author

Larry Waight’s passion for Belize was instilled from the day he was born in the charming village of Bullet Tree Falls, just outside of the now-popular town of San Ignacio. Working in the local tourism industry for the past twenty years, he is widely regarded as the nation’s foremost expert by marketers and travelers alike. An entrepreneur, writer and founding editor of a number of leading online publications that act as authoritative sources of expert advice on anything Belize, Waight plays an instrumental role in supporting and consulting destination marketing companies across the region.

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Book Reviews

“If you’re going to visit Belize, this book is well worth reading first.” – Lord Michael Ashcroft, author, international businessman, and philanthropist

“A great guide for Belize, the rich diverse culture of its people, and amazing environment including World Heritage Sites!” – The Right Honorable Said Musa, former Prime Minister of Belize

“Larry captures the essence of what defines us as a country and as a people. Not an easy task for a country with amazing marine, terrestrial and human resources. From the world renown majestic Blue Hole and the associated reef system to the sacred taverns of the ATM cave to the world’s first jaguar reserve, Belize has so much to offer. The small size of our national territory and close proximity of many sites make it possible to see a lot in a relatively short time. Larry’s guide will maximize your visit.”- The Honorable Dr. Omar Figueroa, Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, The Environment, Sustainable Development & Climate Change in Belize

“I’ve been to 105 countries (so far) and Belize twice (so far). I wish I had a guide like this for each country I’ve had the pleasure of exploring! Larry shares the highlights and the secrets of his fascinating country and he does so in an easy-to-use format.” – David Meerman Scott, best-selling author, adventurer, entrepreneur

“A must read for anyone wanting to discover the magic of this beautiful country.” – Shannon Kaiser, founder of, best-selling author of Adventures for Your Soul

“The definitive guide to mother nature’s best kept secret. If you’ve never visited this extraordinary little country, filled with history, unique beauty and a people of charming friendliness and warmth, then this superb guide written with genuine love is a must-read.” – Andy Wigmore, Belize Ambassador to the Belize Olympic & Commonwealth Games Association and former Belize Diplomat

“Educational, Insightful and well-rounded content about Belize, If you have never been to Belize, this is the book you need to read to change your mind about the hidden treasures, rich cultures and great tourist destinations Belize has to offer to the World”. – John M. Burgos, Executive Director, Belize Tourism Industry Association

“The compelling nature of this bucket list, written with a passion for excellence, makes us proud of the wonders of our small, diverse and beautiful country. It will inspire every reader, whether a foreign visitor to our land or a Belizean national, to want to know the country better.” – Hugh O’Brien, former CEO, Ministry of National Development, Belize

“I’ve lived in Belize for more than 15 years, and even I learned a few things from this amazing book. Whether you’re coming to Belize on vacation or are moving here permanently, The Ultimate Belize Bucket List is the one book everyone should read. Now that Belize is finally getting on the map, this book is being published at exactly the right time. The Ultimate Belize Bucket List has hundreds of useful tips and advice on things to do and see, making it the perfect travel bible for anyone thinking of coming to Belize.” -Mark Leonard, investor and real estate developer, Cerros Sands, Corozal, Belize

“What an enjoyable read! This guide reminded me that there is still so much to see and do in Belize. Larry definitely put ‘meraki’ into this guide. To be able to write with such ardor clearly communicates his love for Belize. Anyone who wants to learn about this country and its gems should have this guide.” – Megs Yearwood, Barefoot Rentals and Services, Placencia, Belize

“Larry has compiled a concrete list of some of the most extraordinary things to do in Belize. He has done the Belize tourism industry a huge favor.” – Lorenzo Gonzalez, Belizean Blogger, Toronto, Canada

This snapshot portraits of people, places and all things Belizean attempts to give you in granular fashion a mental picture of one of the most unique places on the face of the earth – Belize. Larry Waight’s compendium of over a hundred people, places and things to see and do spans the spectrum of a land where geological and anthropological history created a living heritage of natural wonders that is enchanting because it is magical. There is amazing diversity packed within it small geography, looming temples and mountains, waterfalls and nature trails, caves, rivers, biospheres, rainforests, savannahs, sea, reefs, islands, beaches indigenous flowers, trees, and plants in an environment that is so hospitable, the region even has its own “moisture regulation” system—a perfect mix of rain, temperature, and (slight) winds. There is endless variety to the blending of the most ancient of humans with the latest of immigrants literally from everywhere else. Informative and interesting, educational and entertaining, the price of your visit helps the effort to conserve and preserve all these wonders and that is a superb bonus. Dive in and come down to Belize, we are open all year round. – His Worship Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City, Belize

“Outstanding! Expertly & thoughtfully organized. Finally, a travel guide book written with the concise knowledge and passion only a native Belizean could deliver.” – Melanie Nicholson, Managing Director at Belize Boutique Resort and Spa, Maskall Village, Belize

“I absolutely love this guide to Belize, among all others that have come before it. I have known Larry for 9 years and from the first meeting I recognized his knowledge for his country, not to mention the love he has for it. His enthusiasm came forth from that very first conversation. As a marketer of a highly recognized resort in Placencia, Belize, I immediately became engaged with Larry’s passion for his homeland and began communicating with him about all things Belize from that day forward. This book brought forth all of that love and passion that is within him. I am so proud of his work and highly recommend this Belize guide for all who wish to discover or expand their knowledge of a truly wonderful country, its culture, ancient and near history, present day adventures and of those persons who are instrumental in its tourism offerings. Congratulations, Larry for creating a work of art as beautiful as Belize deserves.” – Larry France, Chabil Mar, Placencia, Belize

“Larry Waight certainly knows Belize, and his new book “THE ULTIMATE BELIZE BUCKET LIST, 101 Insider Tips on What to See and Do” is a great example of his knowledge. This book is full of descriptive details that will whet your appetite. He tells us about Belizean holidays, history, natural wonders, Maya sites, and many of the most popular places to visit, and does it in a way that is fun to read and gives the reader an inside look at the country of Belize. A great read for anyone contemplating visiting Belize, and is also quite interesting to those who know the country well.” – Marty Casado, Founder of, Ambergris Caye, Belize

“The sad truth is that all of the guidebooks published before The Ultimate Belize Bucket List were written by well-meaning but largely confused foreigners who struggle to grasp the unique complexities of Belize. Larry’s book, on the other hand, reads like a love poem from a native son to his beloved country, and we’re all better off for it. Simply put, I’ve never read anything like The Ultimate Belize Bucket List before, and I recommend that both locals and foreigners alike read it to better understand this magnificent country.” -Rodwell Ferguson Jr., director of Untame Belize, Stann Creek, Belize


“A great unique insight into not only Belize’s tourist attractions but also into its unique but diverse culture. A wonderful resource not only for individuals planning a vacation but also an invaluable sales tool for agents looking to include Belize in their portfolio. A definite must read!” – Lloyd Alvarez, Belize Travel Expert, Benque Viejo, Belize

“This ‘travel bible’ about ‘The Jewel’ by Belize’s top travel marketer, literary artisan, and favored son of the Jewelizean soil, Larry Waight, is an absolute must read for everyone in, visiting, or revisiting Belize!” – Karl Burke, M. A., Counselor and Life Skills Coach at Independence High School and Junior College

“One of the most popular services at our resort is our lending library, and I guarantee that we’ll need to stock several copies of The Ultimate Belize Bucket List because everyone is going to want to read it. This charming book is packed full of useful information, told in a familiar and warm style that instantly puts you at ease. The Ultimate Belize Bucket List clearly shows that Larry knows this country like the back of his hand. ” -Tim Mes, General Manager of Laru Beya Resort & Villas, Placencia, Belize.

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Get a copy of The Ultimate Belize Bucket List! Written by Larry Waight, a local with more than twenty years of experience in the travel industry, the book is packed with tips, information, and recommendations about all of the best things to see and do in Belize.


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