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It’s a Jungle Out There, You Won’t Want to Vacation Anywhere Else

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When you’re asked to describe the most beautiful place on earth, are you tempted to invoke a cliché to get your point across? It’s easy to see why; hyperbole has become a powerful speaking aid, which is how our conversations become littered with “awesomes,” “amazings” and that doesn’t even take you out of the As!

But we beg your indulgence as we insist that “a picture is worth more than a thousand words” when it is used to describe Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, a destination so breathtaking, guests often say they’re speechless the moment they visit the Caves Branch website to virtually step through the door of private accommodations that have no equal.

This is a magical place. Secrets are shared. Nature is revered. Time speeds by too fast as guests learn how it feels to be one with nature. Allow us to tell you a little about how Caves Branch came to be one of Belize’s crown jewels and why you should visit.

History in the making

A great story deserves a great beginning: Once upon a time, Ian Anderson happened upon Belize long before it became a Caribbean hot spot. He carved out a bit of jungle and built a rustic camp with all of the necessities anyone seeking a primitive outdoor experience could desire. Campers settled into a true jungle adventure that included taking in one-of-a-kind natural sites not found elsewhere and they found all of the basics necessary to enjoy their time, including outhouses and river bathing. Guests returned. The lodge’s reputation grew.

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The caterpillar becomes a butterfly

That was more than 19 years ago. In place of this rugged campsite stands a luxe compound of 5-star type luxury digs beneath roof top decks and hot tubs stationed under the stars. Guests become immersed in an adventure that might be the envy of the rich and famous: sleeping in spectacular treetop accommodations by night and by day, rock climbing waterfalls, strolling lush botanical gardens, repelling off the 300-foot cliff that plunges into a Black Hole abyss and floating through underground rivers by inner tube. Seven miles of caves take curious explorers deep into a Mayan underworld known as Xibalba.

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Caves Branch suites redefine luxury

Given a vast menu of experiences awaiting every Caves Branch guest, you would be surprised to know that vacationers spend little time in their suites, but in fact their lodgings are so spectacular, some visitors have to be urged to leave their private enclaves. Guests choose between one- and two-bedroom River View Treehouses, Canopy View Treehouses, Jungle Suites, Jungle Bungalows and Jungle Cabanas. Need a peek at each? Go to and you won’t be the first traveler to find yourself so enthralled, you can’t decide which to choose.

Make yourself at home

Not every family-run lodge treats guests like family, but you can expect the royal treatment at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge where no personal request is too complicated or difficult. Delicious food served at the lodge’s restaurant is cooked and served in a tropical environment that pleases the eye as well as the taste buds. Spa massages on premises pamper guests to the hilt, and when you set off on any of the excursions offered by your hosts, you’ll be escorted to and from these adventures and given VIP treatment every step of the way.

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Your one-of-a-kind adventure; never to be forgotten

From utilitarian outpost to one of the most luxurious high-end resorts in Belize, Cave’s Branch has been designed with one thing in mind: Pleasure! Feed your senses during your sojourn and find a sense of well-being and relaxation that’s born of surroundings that put your mind at rest and sweep out stress cobwebs you may have brought with you to Belize.

From the relaxing sound of the river that splashes nearby to a canopy of trees surrounding your private balcony, you’re invited to take a deep breath and forget the outside world during your Caves Branch Jungle Lodge stay. This ambiance is the reason visitors return frequently and you’re likely to feel that way, too. Can we offer you a taste of what you can expect? Take a virtual tour of the beautiful jungle haven and you’ll understand why these pictures are worth more than a thousand words:


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