Top Souvenirs to Buy in Belize | 10 Belize Souvenirs To Take Back Home

10 Top Souvenirs to Buy in Belize

belize souvenirs

Belize Souvenirs

Belize is a wonderful country full of exciting things to explore and see. At the end of your vacation in Belize, you’ll probably be looking for some interesting things to take back to remind you of all the fun you had and to share with your friends and family.

Here is a list of 10 really cool Belize souvenirs:

Belikin Branded Items

Belize Souvenirs - belkin beer items

Transporting beer back home can be difficult, but one easy way you can remember your first sip of Belize’s signature brew is by buying one of their branded items like mugs, tankards, and cozies.

Maya Basket

Belize Souvenirs - maya baskets

The Maya have been living in what is now Belize for more than 3,000 years. A great way to honor their heritage and to add a unique decorative touch to your home is by buying a handwoven traditional Maya basket. Best of all, each basket has a unique design, meaning no one else in the world will ever have an identical copy of your basket.

Bumper Stickers

Belize Souvenirs - stickers

Even if you don’t have a car, a Belize bumper sticker is a great way to let the world know you had a fabulous time in Belize. Slap one on your laptop, and you’re sure to start up an interesting conversation.


Belize Souvenirs - rum


One of Belize’s signature products, locally made rum comes in a dazzling variety of styles and flavors. Buy a bottle or two, and you can celebrate the good times you had in Belize with your friends.

Belize T-Shirts

Belize Souvenirs- shirts

Whether it says “un-Belize-able” or “Belize it” or one of the countless other silly puns on the name of the country, an authentic Belize T-shirt is a fabulous way to let the world know that you’ve been to a really cool country.

Hot Sauce

Belize Souvenirs - hot sauces

Marie Sharp is a Belizean icon, and her hot sauces have won awards all around the world for their amazing flavor. When you take a bottle (or two!) home with you, you can continue to enjoy authentic Belizean recipes all year round.


Belize Souvenirs - coffee

Whether you occasionally indulge in a cup or are considered a gourmet drinker down at your local coffee shop, you’ll definitely impress your taste buds by picking up a pack of coffee grown in Belize.


Conch Jewelry

Belize Souvenirs - conch jewelry

Whether or not you enjoyed eating some conch on your Belize vacation, you definitely need to pick up some handmade jewelry fashioned out of the pink inner shell of the conch.

Carved Items

Belize Souvenirs - carvings

Belize has a strong tradition of handicrafts, and few souvenirs can compare to the beauty and artistry of the items carved from materials like coconuts, palm trees, hardwoods, or even driftwood. Carved wooden dishes are not just beautiful but also practical.

Music CD

Belize Souvenirs - music cd

One of the best ways to support local musicians in Belize is to buy one of their CDs. Not only will you get to continue to enjoy the good music, but CDs are a great way to introduce your friends to the unique musical genres found only in Belize.

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