The Bioluminescence Tour in Hopkins, Belize

The Bioluminescence Tour in Hopkins, Belize

The Bioluminescence Tour in Hopkins, Belize

There are a number of sights, sounds, and experiences that travelers can only experience in certain corners of the world. Bioluminescence is one such example. This natural marvel occurs only in a few select spots – such as near the Sittee River Marina in Hopkins Village in Southern Belize.

Caused by saltwater and freshwater interacting with the local algae, bioluminescence is truly a sight to behold. Aside from the majesty of the bright blue glow, travelers can also enjoy the sight of fish, jellyfish, and other marine life frolicking beneath the surface.

The Bioluminescence Tour 

Bioluminescence tours around the Sittee River in Belize generally run from January until May. However, since conditions need to be absolutely perfect in order for tours to head out, it is best to plan on visiting during the driest months (February to April) to avoid disappointment. Tours usually depart at around 6:00 PM and return at 9:00 PM.


Once the tour sets off down the Sittee River, it is just a short 5-minute ride to Anderson Lagoon – the area where the bioluminescence phenomenon is best observed. Along the way, travelers will be able to take in the sight of the giant mangroves that line the route and the glistening stars that are perched overhead. Upon your arrival at Anderson Lagoon, your tour guide will stop the boat and allow you to enjoy the bioluminescence experience.

What To Bring 

Before you begin your tour, you will need to ensure that you have the following items on hand:

  • Insect repellant
  • Snacks
  • Towels
  • Dramamine
  • A camera
  • Long-sleeved clothing

Where To Book Your Bioluminescence Tour 

If you would like to take in the majesty of the bioluminescence experience for yourself, you can book a tour with Barefoot Rentals and Services. Their friendly and helpful staff members will be more than happy to arrange everything on your behalf.

Of course, Barefoot Rentals doesn’t just offer bioluminescence tours. In fact, they are your one-stop shop for any activity or excursion in Belize. They offer car rentals, barrier reef tours, and trips to ancient Maya temples, picturesque caves, stunning nature preserves and much, much more.

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