Black Hole Drop

Black Hole Drop

Black Hole Drop

Although the name of the Black Hole Drop implies dropping into a bottomless pit, the Black Hole Drop is actually a unique climbing adventure where participants get lowered down through the floor of a cave that sits high above the nearby jungle canopy. As participants rappel further downward, they will pass through the canopy layer until they arrive in a deep hole that looks inky black, hence the name.

Why You Have to Do the Black Hole Drop Tour On Your Vacation

The tour begins by a hike through the jungle up to a cave named Actun Loch Tunich. From there, participants are carefully connected to a safety harness. The adventure begins when participants lower themselves over a ledge on the cave floor seemingly to descend into complete blackness.

Some 200 feet below the floor of the cave, participants will reach the upper level of the nearby jungle canopy. Facing their fears of heights, participants will continue to rappel downward through tree branches until they touch ground at the bottom of a cavern. As the cavern looks completely black from above, this is where the “black drop” name comes from. The total descent is approximately 500 feet (152 meters), requiring participants to master their fear of heights to enjoy this unique adventure experience.

Where in Belize Is the Black Hole Drop Located?

The Actun Loch Tunich Cave where the Black Hole Drop adventure begins is located in the foothills of the Maya Mountains in Belize’s western Cayo District.

When Is the Best Time to Do the Black Hole Drop

The tour is open year round but the hike up to the cave can be a very muddy experience if it has recently rained.

Best Way to Get to the Black Hole Drop

As only licensed operators can allow you to safely participate in the Black Hole Drop, most participants use a tour company to arrange for transportation from their hotel or lodge. If you’re traveling there yourself, the nearest town is San Ignacio.

Best Way to Experience the Black Hole Drop

Although the Black Hole Drop is only recommended for individuals who are not overly afraid of heights, the tour can be enjoyed by anyone as long as it is remembered that the biggest barrier is psychological, not physical. The Black Hole Drop experience is run by professional climbers and the excitement comes more from the perception of danger than any real risk to one’s safety. Keep an open mind and steel yourself to overcome your fears, and you will enjoy a truly thrilling experience if you participate in the famous Black Hole Drop.




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