Cuello Mayan Ruins in Belize | The Mayan archaeological site of Cuello


Cuello Mayan Ruins in Belize

Cuello Mayan Ruins in Belize

The Mayan archaeological site of Cuello

Cuello is an ancient Maya site located in Belize’s northern Orange Walk District. One of the oldest Maya sites ever discovered, archeologists believe that the site was first settled more than 4,000 years ago.

Excavations beginning in the 1970s revealed a unique style of pottery called “Swasey” after a river in Belize. It is believed that the Swasey pottery styles have no clear parallels. Cuello is believed to have been a relatively unimportant town during the Pre Classic era but served as a regional trade hub as precious items like jade and obsidian have been discovered at the site.

Why You Have to Visit Cuello On Your Vacation

Cuello is a fantastic example of a continuously occupied Maya site replete with pottery, evidence of expansion, and the remains of more than 20 human beings who were sacrificed during the dedication of one of the temples. Although the architecture is perhaps less impressive than at other Maya sites, artifacts discovered at Cuello have yielded extremely important information on the early history of the Maya civilization.

Where in Belize Is Cuello Located?

Cuello is located approximately four miles west of Orange Walk Town via Yo Creek Road. The site is located on private land owned by the Cuello Family, but visitors are permitted to explore the site.

The Cuello site is located on the grounds of the Cuello family who operate the Cuello Distillery, makers of the most popular rum in the country: Caribbean Rum.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Cuello Belize

Apart from times of inclement weather, the Cuello site is open for visitors around the year.

Best Way to Get to Cuello Belize

The best way to get to Cuello is to make your way to Orange Walk Town, the capital of Orange Walk District, and take private transportation to the site. Cuello has only been excavated since the 1970s, and lacks a full complement of tourist amenities.

Best Way to Experience Cuello Belize

Cuello is less of a visitor attraction than an active archeological site that continues to reveal important information about the Pre Classic era of the Maya civilization. Be sure to visit the number of royal and elite burials discovered on the site, including one attached to a small pyramid temple.

A great way to round off a trip to the ancient Maya site is by taking a tour of the nearby Cuello Distillery.

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