Foreign Ownership of Property in Belize - Everything You Need To Know

Foreign Ownership of Property in Belize

find a new home in belize

Belize has a thriving community of expatriates who have discovered the secret to a good life. They love the great weather, laid-back lifestyle, and scenic beauty of living in Belize.

Can Foreigners Own Property In Belize?

It’s easy for foreigners to buy property here. As a foreign owner, you will pay very low property taxes, and no capital gains taxes.

There are other advantages to buying property here too.

Real estate laws are similar to those in the US and Canada, and English is the official language. You should have no trouble understanding contracts and other aspects of homebuying. Owning a home gives you a fee simple deed just as it does in the US or Canada.

The Belize dollar is permanently pegged to the US dollar at a rate of $2 BZ to $1 US. This makes it easy to conduct financial transactions. It also means you never have to worry about market fluctuations affecting your exchange rate.

Qualified Retirement Program

If you qualify for the Qualified Retirement Program (QRP), you can get special incentives. This program allows you to ship your goods, including cars and boats, with no Import Duty, Customs Taxes, or other fees. You will also get a special residency status that allows you to live in Belize as long as you wish.

In order to qualify, you must:
• Be 45 or older.
• Receive $2000 monthly from an annuity, Social Security or other fixed source.
• Purchase a residence or business property in Belize.

The QRP also applies to your spouse and dependent children.

Discover the Cayo District

Although the tourist-oriented areas of Ambergris Caye and Placencia are popular, many expatriates have found a warm welcome in the Cayo District. It’s an affordable district where your dollars go further, and it’s close to all the amenities and activities that make life in Belize enjoyable.

Make Carmelita Gardens Your New Home

Carmelita Gardens is an off-grid, self-sufficient development on the banks of the Belize River. At Carmelita Gardens, you’ll find an old-fashioned sense of community in the heart of the Cayo District. Residents emphasize organic food production and artisanal entrepreneurial interests.

Carmelita Gardens is 100% sustainable with a solar power supply, rainwater catchment, and ecological stewardship. Carmelita Gardens is not strictly a retirement community, but it welcomes retirees. If you’re looking for a safe place to be creative, live well, and engage in meaningful work, you will be at home here.

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