Belize Government Giving Away FREE Land! What Must You do to Get Your Parcel?

Belize Government Giving Away FREE Land! What Must You do to Get Your Parcel?

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Forget digging up money or taking out a loan to buy your little corner of paradise in Belize. You’ve got a benefactor: the Belize government is giving away land parcels to both citizens and tourists, so if you get on board this gravy train, you too can become the land baron you’ve dreamed you could be without opening your wallet.

What must you do to join this rarified community of land owners? Just vote Yes or support the ICJ initiative on April 10th and before you know it, a deed will be arriving at your home address and you can start thinking about hiring an architect to put down roots.

Skeptical? Don’t be. Belize is quite serious about the upcoming referendum that asks voters to step up and make their voices known over the current Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute and whether or not it stands a chance of going to the International Court of Justice.

Feeling powerful? You should. Voting is no joke and when your vote not only has the power to make a difference, but it delivers on a government promise to hand you some land in return for a “Yes,” this is a no-brainer that is sure to make your voting decision for you!

The International Court of Justice is obviously the best way to resolve this entire situation so there’s never been a better example of a win-win situation. It forces Guatemala to drop its unfounded claim on Belize and puts you in the driver’s seat in terms of becoming the landowner you’ve dreamed of becoming.

There is one more reason to cast your yes vote. Because we’ve made this suggestion, we expect to be invited over to your new digs once they’re built. No need to stand on ceremony. Champagne and a selection of hors d’oeuvres are all of the hospitality we expect, though the Belize government would love to see a little sign in your yard that thanks the GOB for their generous gift. Thanks in advance.

How will you know which parcel of land is yours? Well, that’s a conundrum—-since this whole scheme of giving away land in return for your Yes vote is nothing more than an April Fools prank! We know. You’ve already started to sketch out and furnish your new house. Sorry. But you do intend to vote on April 10th, right?

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