Labor Day as an opportunity for a student to take a short trip

Labor Day as an opportunity for a student to take a short trip

In the United States of America, Labor day is celebrated on the 1st Monday of September. It is a federal holiday. What is more, this day signifies the end of summer vacation and return to school. Labor Day weekend is a great opportunity to take a short trip, unwind and catch a break form studies.

Having a three-day weekend usually means that a student is finally able to forget about their college and university problems for a while and go see the world. Taking into consideration the fact that Labor Day is celebrated at the beginning of autumn, it is a great opportunity to recharge before the learning process starts. Besides, going somewhere new means acquiring new knowledge and experience. It is possible to be focused on learning during traveling, as well as on having fun. Here is the list of the best destinations for the Labor Day weekend. Going abroad is not always an option as the flight is usually very long. Yet, it is a great chance to discover some cool places in your own country.

One of the best cities to visit during Labor Day weekend is Seattle. The city has a great vibe and tons of hips places. What is more, Seattle is very different from the rest of American cities. A lot of creatives live there while their local community is very supportive of various changes. Another great benefit to mention in regards to taking trips is that students do better in school when they travel often. The thing is that traveling helps to broaden one’s horizon and develops the skill to think outside the box. Therefore, you should not miss an opportunity to travel as soon as you have time and desire.


If you live and study close to the Canadian border, you should definitely consider going to Toronto, Canada for the three-day weekend. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and its architecture is very impressive. Going to Canada is always a great idea. In case you want to chill and relax during the Labor Day weekend, you should consider the option of going to Lake Tahoe in California. There are tons of activities to choose from: swimming in the crystal-clear water, enjoying a bit of sunshine or renting a kayak. You will definitely enjoy sitting near the lake, reading a book and having a cocktail.

Another beautiful city to visit in Canada is Montreal. In case you miss the atmosphere of a European City, Montreal is definitely the place to visit. The city is beautiful, the historic sites are impressive and the people are very friendly and welcoming. Montreal will become your new favorite city.

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