Lobsterfest In Belize | Belize Lobster Fest Season 2023

How Many Belize Lobsterfests Will You Attend in 2023?

Lobsterfest In Belize

Is it wrong to plan an entire vacation around one’s taste buds? Not if you crave an obscene amount of lobster! This delicacy is the superstar of Belize’s culinary scene beginning in mid-June, and since you can fly to Belize in just a few hours, envision yourself eating breakfast at home and feasting on lobster for lunch. No need to bring a bib if you make Lobsterfest your 2023 goal. Just pack wash and wear clothes and your favorite flip-flops and you’ll fit right in!

About Belize’s Lobsterfest

This annual seafood bacchanal is no ordinary celebration. Lobsterfest is an official summer kickoff event coinciding with the first lobster harvests that continue through February 15th. The wildly popular nationwide event turns Belize into one big homage to crustaceans celebrated in three areas: Caye Caulker, San Pedro, and Placencia. Bring your appetite. Is it possible to grow weary of eating this delicacy? No way.

Lobster festivals of Belize

Choose any of the aforementioned geographic areas as your lobster headquarters and prepare to party day and night. Meet lobster fishermen. Enjoy lobster-themed fun, like water sports, competitions, beach parties, live concerts, and dancing. Be on hand to see the “biggest lobster” catch and you mustn’t leave until the Miss Lobster Festival winner is crowned. What’s for dessert? Affordably-priced lodgings in Caye Caulker, San Pedro, and Placencia thanks to June and July rate drops that are as tasty as your main course.

Why you must attend the Lobsterfest

With winter a passing memory, Belize’s tourist influx has slowed down so there’s plenty of room to spread out and relax, fork in hand. Chefs at restaurants, resorts and small cafes roll out signature lobster dishes and the vast array of recipe twists will impress you. Grab your share of beach time and make new friends at any of the festivals. If you long to escape stress, lobster-themed street fests, parties, concerts, and “gastronomic debauchery” will put an end to any winter blues still lingering in your head.

Which location is your best pick?

-San Pedro is said to have the most ostentatious, raucous Lobsterfest, featuring live music and endless parties.

-Caye Caulker is for sentimentalists: this is where Lobsterfest began. It’s cheaper to party here, too.

-Placencia’s reputation for hosting a unique lobster bacchanal is so widespread, residents won’t go elsewhere.

Best time to go

This window of time is very specific: make plans to be here between June and July to attend one or more of these celebrations.

Best way to get to Lobsterfest events

Figure out which of the three Belize Lobsterfest epicenters sounds most appealing and book accommodations at a resort, hotel, inn, hostel, or B&B in that district. To partake in events surrounding you, your concierge will help you get transport into town, or you can walk there if you choose lodgings in close proximity to the festivities.

Best way to experience Lobsterfest events

San Pedro holds a week-long event (July 4th to July 15th, 2023) that starts with a kick-off party and ends with a huge fiesta. Throughout the week, eat, drink and show up at as many bars and eateries as your constitution can handle. The Caye Caulker Lobsterfest is scheduled to take place between July 4th to July 15th, 2023, so if you’ve only got a short time to indulge, prioritize these dates. Placencia Peninsula’s Lobsterfest is also a weekend affair to be staged between July 14th to July 16th, 2023. Placencia’s legendary mega-beach party is the biggest draw of all. Can’t decide which one’s for you? Take them all in. How else can you decide which satisfies your appetite so much you’ll return in 2024 and beyond?

Interested in attending a lobster-fest party on your Belize Vacation? Contact us and we will send you more information on Belize’s lobster-fest events.








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