Mopan River Tubing In Belize | Mopan River Tubing Adventure

Mopan River Tubing Adventure – A Must Do Tour in Belize

Mopan River in Belize

With most organized tour groups picking up participants in San Ignacio Town, the Mopan River tubing adventure begins in either Bullet Tree Falls Village or San Jose Succotz Village. One of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in the country, the Mopan River was an important water source for the ancient Maya. Today, the Mopan River passes through both San Jose Succotz and Bullet Tree Falls villages until it later merges with the Macal River to form the Belize River.

Why You Have to Do a River Tubing Adventure on Your Belize Vacation

Few experiences can surpass relaxing on an inner tube while gently floating down a beautiful, unspoiled river. Marvel at the rich abundance of flora and fauna as you float through the jungle, including giant iguanas and colorful tropical birds. If you’re lucky, you might spot villagers washing their clothes or bathing in the river with their kids. When you go with an organized tour, your guide will tell you all about the history of the area as well as point out interesting examples of Belizean wildlife.

Where Is it Located?

Some tours depart from the village of San Jose Succotz while others from Bullet Tree Falls. For participants going to Bullet Tree, they’ll be escorted to Paslow Falls and enter the river from there. Participants doing the Bullet Tree Village option of the tour can choose to stop at either the Riverside Resort or at Raw Spa Lodge for a cold drink or delicious meal.

When is the Best Time to Go On a River Tubing Adventure on the Mopan River?

Generally speaking, the best time to enjoy this adventure is between November and May, but be sure to check with a local tour company for current information. The tour is not safe when the water volume in the river is too high.

The Best Way to Get to the Mopan River

The best way to enjoy a tour of the Mopan River is by booking a tour with your hotel or via a licensed tour company.

Best Way to Experience an Inner Tubing Adventure on the Mopan River

Starting in the town of San Ignacio, you’ll head to either the villas of San Jose Succotz or Bullet Tree Falls. Participants will then don a lifejacket (if needed) before getting on their own individual inner tube. The guide will lead the flotilla down this gently flowing river out past the village and into the rainforest. Along the way, the guide will point out the beautiful birds and other forms of exotic wildlife. After passing through some smaller rapids, participants will disembark and be driven back to San Ignacio.

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