The Most Compelling Reasons You Need to Retire in Belize

The Most Compelling Reasons You Need to Retire in Belize

One of the region’s fastest-growing vacation destinations, more and more people are now retiring to is Belize.

Below are 10 reasons why Belize is such a wonderful country for retirees:

English Speaking

Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language, meaning there’s no language barrier. Other tongues you can hear spoken in Belize include Creole, Garifuna, Spanish, and Maya.

Real Estate Prices

The market is rapidly heating up in Belize, but there are many choice properties still available at very affordable prices. Compared to countries like Mexico and Costa Rica, Belize real estate prices are far lower.

The Money


belize money

Not only does Belize enjoy a prosperous and stable democratic form of government, the local currency (the Belize dollar) is permanently pegged at 2 to 1 to the American dollar, meaning you’ll never have to worry about volatile currency fluctuations.

Friendly People

With just 355,000 residents spread out across a country the size of Massachusetts, Belize has a small town feel to it that is hard to find anymore in North America. A true melting pot of different cultures, Belize has a long history of welcoming strangers with genuine hospitality, friendliness, and warmth.

The Food

Whether you’re interested in fiery Mexican dishes, savory seafood, or an exotic panoply of Caribbean and African influence, there’s truly something for every palate in Belize. The country also produces an abundance of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that add genuine flavor to every meal.

Close to America

southwest airlines belize


It’s now easier than ever to find affordable, non-stop flights from Belize to major cities in the United States. Top airlines like Delta, United, American, and Southwest connect Belize to cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, and Newark.

The QRP Program

Belize has a special residency system known as the Qualified Retired Person’s Program that allows qualifying individuals to import all of their personal goods as well as vehicles (including boats and light airplanes) completely tax-free. Additionally, the QRP program imposes a minimum of just one month in the country per year.


The word that comes most often to the lips of retirees in Belize is “beautiful.” Whether it’s the pace of life, the gorgeous Belize Barrier Reef, or the hundreds of square miles of protected nature reserves and parks, Belize is truly a slice of paradise on earth.

Orchid Bay

Photo by Orchid Bay
Photo by Orchid Bay

Located in Belize’s Corozal District, Orchid Bay is a master-planned expat community with beachfront condominiums, villas, homes, and land  at attractive prices.

For more information about Orchid Bay, click here.

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