Red Bank Village and the Scarlet Macaw Tour | Scarlet Macaws

Red Bank Village and the Scarlet Macaw Tour

Red Bank Village and the Scarlet Macaw Tour

Despite their name, scarlet macaws are not entirely red (or scarlet) colored. Instead, these birds are adorned with brilliantly hued feathers of red, yellow, and blue. Related to parrots, scarlet macaws are very swift fliers and often travel in pairs or small groups.

The species of scarlet macaws found in Belize are ara macao cyanoptera and can be found across Central America as far south as Costa Rica. Every December, they leave their homes in Chiquibul National Park in search of fruits which grow in abundance in and around the village of Red Bank in southern Belize.

Red Bank Village and the Scarlet Macaw Tour 

It is estimated that fewer than 250 scarlet macaws still exist in Belize, and most of these can be found in Red Bank. Despite a ban on poaching, scarlet macaws are a very slow-growing species and so seeing these magnificently plumed birds is truly a spectacular sight as they gather to feed along the river banks. Other birds that can be seen in the area include parrots, toucans, and herons, making a visit to Red Bank a mandatory stop for bird watchers.

Where in Belize Is Red Bank Located? 

Red Bank is a small, predominately Maya village located in Stann Creek District just a short distance from Toledo District in southeastern Belize. Red Bank is located a few miles south of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Best Time To Do This Tour

The scarlet macaws move across Belize according to seasonal requirements. Generally, scarlet macaws arrive at the lower elevations in and around Red Bank in December and stay until March before heading to the Chiquibul National Park for the breeding season. The prime viewing time to see these birds is March.

How to Get to Red Bank Village 


The village of Red Bank is located in Stann Creek District just a mile from Toledo District in southeastern Belize. The village is located 39 miles southeast of Belmopan and 37 miles west of Placencia just a few miles off the Southern Highway.

The Best Way to Experience the Scarlet Macaw Tour 

The density of the wilderness around the village and the relatively small number of scarlet macaws make hiring a professional guide mandatory. Be sure to bring along insect repellant, hiking boots, and a long-sleeved shirt and pants. Of course, don’t forget your binoculars and a camera! Most tours also include a homecooked meal of traditional Maya fare in the village.

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