Sustainable Development: Another Reason to Retire in Belize in 2018

Sustainable Development: Another Reason to Retire in Belize in 2018

Sustainable Development: Another Reason to Retire in Belize in 2018

Located just a short flight away from the United States, the tiny country of Belize is an unspoiled tropical paradise. Home to vast rainforests and the largest coral reef system in the western hemisphere, Belize is nicknamed “The Jewel” for its lush landscapes and pristine marine environments.

As tourism continues to grow, the government of Belize has put in place strong measures in order to protect the health of the reef. In order to safeguard the natural beauty of the reef, the government recently passed into law a bill that bans all extraction or exploration on the reef by the oil industry. With support from Oceana and the World Wildlife Fund, the new law makes Belize completely off-limits to the petroleum industry despite recent finds of offshore deposits in the reef.

It is estimated that tourism to the reef generates some $200 million to the Belizean economy. Belize is a developing country that only gained independence from Great Britain in 1981, but the importance of the tourism industry and widespread calls by the people of Belize to protect the country’s natural heritage have led to the passing of the law banning oil extraction and exploitation.

First described to European audiences by Charles Darwin following his 1842 visit to the region, the Belize Barrier Reef is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Home to the only atolls found outside the Atlantic Ocean, the Belize Barrier Reef gained worldwide fame in 1971 after legendary documentarian and marine biologist Jacques Cousteau described the reef as one of his top 10 favorite dive sites in the world.

Today, visitors from around the world come to the Belize Barrier Reef in order to enjoy activities such as sailing, (catch and release) fishing, scuba diving, sea kayaking, snorkeling, stand-up paddling, and windsurfing. With over 400 islands, lagoons, and atolls, the Belize Barrier Reef remains one of the most popular natural attractions in the country.

One of the best places to invest or retire in Belize is Orchid Bay. Designed as a modern, self-sustainable community in northern Belize’s Corozal District, Orchid Bay offers retirees and investors all the beauty of Caribbean living combined with first-world infrastructure, convenience, and safety.

Orchid Bay is located on the shores of the Bay of Chetumal, which connects to the Caribbean Sea and the Belize Barrier Reef just a few miles away. Orchid Bay hosts regular Buyer’s Tours where potential investors and retirees can learn more about everything that life in Belize has to offer.

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