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Belizean Conch and Shrimp Ceviche
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How to Make Belizean Conch and Shrimp Ceviche

On a hot, sunny day, there are few treats more delicious than some freshly made Belizean-style conch and shrimp ceviche. Made from just a few, simple ingredients, this savory dish…

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the belize river
About Belize Travel to Belize

The Belize River: A Life Source With No Beginning or End

It’s a waterway with tales to tell about this small nation’s historic past and the role this river played. Most people see rivers as soothing bodies of water that offer…

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About Belize Belize Tours

Thousand Foot Falls: A Majestic Waterfall to visit in Belize

Located deep within a nature reserve in western Belize, Thousand Foot Falls is the highest waterfall in all of Central America. A swift river descends over a granite cliff to…

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About Belize Destinations Hopkins Placencia Stann Creek Toledo Travel to Belize

Why Choose Southern Belize

Southern Belize remains undiscovered and untouched by many travelers who visit Belize. The South as it is known locally, is not only home to the only Jaguar Preserve in the…

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About Belize Belize Real Estate Belize Retirement

Five Reasons Why Investing in Belize is a Great Idea

Once an unknown Caribbean backwater, Belize has emerged in recent years to become one of the fastest growing tourist and investment areas in Central America. Strong Tourism Growth Belize has…

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belize solo and couples travel

Belize Solo And Couples Travel

  If you’re searching for a romantic vacation with your special partner or just a refreshing solo trip, why not consider traveling to Belize? As one of the most popular…

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orange walk belize
About Belize Belize Tours Travel to Belize

Orange Walk: Avoid Crowds While Immersing Yourself in Belize’s Wonders

If you dislike crowds but you’re fascinated by everything Belize has to offer, make Orange Walk District—and especially Orange Walk Town—your next vacation spot. Just 57 miles from Belize City,…

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a geography of belize
About Belize

A Geography of Belize

For a tiny nation, Belize shows the world just how much geographic diversity can be found within the nation’s borders. Belize’s geological makeup is divided into 4 main regions: Low-lying…

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Belize Vacations For Couples
About Belize Travel to Belize

The Best Belize Vacations For Couples

Quarantines do more to exacerbate rifts in relationships than couples realize. But you can come through this pandemic by finding a place of solitude, peace, and tranquility not far from…

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all inclusive belize resorts
About Belize Travel to Belize

Top 5 All Inclusive Belize Resorts for 2020

What do you look for when considering Belize all inclusive resorts? Access to diving and snorkeling? Proximity to Belize cultural sites? Maybe it’s all beach all the time. We can…

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How To Buy Belize Real Estate as a Foreigner
Belize Real Estate Belize Retirement

How To Buy Belize Real Estate as a Foreigner

One of the hottest spots for North American and European ex-pats to buy real estate is in Belize. The tropical beaches and sunny skies are a big draw, but also…

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National Bird of Belize
About Belize Belize Tours

The National Bird of Belize

The national bird of Belize is the keel-billed toucan (Latin name: ramphastos fulfuratus), one of the most recognizable birds in the world thanks to decades of being used as a mascot…

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