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buy a home in belize
Belize Real Estate Belize Retirement

Find Your New Home in Belize’s Lovely Cayo District

If you’re looking for the perfect place to retire, consider the Cayo District of Belize. This centrally located district offers lovely scenery, lively villages, and many recreation opportunities. While many…

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Can Americans Buy Property in Belize
About Belize Belize Real Estate Belize Retirement

Can Americans Buy Property in Belize?

Are you looking for the best place to retire? If your list includes great weather, beachfront living, access to recreation opportunities, and an affordable cost of living, you can find…

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Belize Appetizers
Belizean Food

7 Delicious Appetizers You Have to Try When You Visit Belize

When most people hear about Belize, they focus more on the lively outdoor lifestyle powered by its amazing sceneries and unique topography. Think about the beautiful white-sand beaches, barrier reefs,…

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Belize Belize Environment

15 Mind-Blowing Belize Landscapes

Lush vegetation Photo by 3vnalxndrcmprl3 Mountain Pine Ridge Photo by 65mb Big Rock Water Falls Photo by 65mb Turneffe Flats Belize Photo by Clio7 Barton Creek Cave Photo by Li…

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About Belize Belize Real Estate

Internet Access In Belize – What Retirees Should Know

Once an expensive service only available in limited urban areas, internet is now widely available throughout Belize for very affordable prices. All top resorts, restaurants, lodges, and hotels offer high-speed…

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Visit Belize
About Belize Belize News

How to Plan An Epic Belize Road Trip

Belize Road Trip Road trip – two simple words that mean so much, an exciting chance to get away from the stresses of your normal life and get lost a…

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belize swing bridge
About Belize Things To Do Travel to Belize

Belize’s Swing Bridge: 101-Years-Old and Counting

There may not be a birthday party staged by municipal officials to memorialize the day Belize’s first swing bridge was erected, but there’s no denying the fact that the much-needed…

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Belize in November
Belize Travel to Belize

Belize in November

November may mean cold winds and wintry weather in North America, but balmy temperatures and sunny skies in Belize make it the perfect time to visit. With the big crowds…

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Belize Rice and Beans
Belizean Food

Belize Rice and Beans

One of the all-time classic Caribbean dishes, rice and beans hold a special place in every Belizean’s heart. Simple enough for everyday fare, beans and rice are the perfect accompaniment…

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Belize Belize Tours


Uxbenka Archaeological Site Uxbenka may be a difficult name to sound out but it is one of the most interesting archeological sites in southern Belize. First built by the ancient…

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About Belize Belize Tours Belizean Food

A Delicious Belizean Dish: Dukunu

Many visitors arrive in Belize completely unsure what to expect from the local cuisine. But Belize is a melting pot society with each culture contributing to the gastronomic heritage of…

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About Belize Belize Tours

Angel Falls Extreme Zipline & Rappelling

For true adventure enthusiasts who want a challenging experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Angel Falls in Belize offers plenty of heart-pumping thrills. Located in a…

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