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St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park
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St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park

One of Belize’s most fascinating characteristics is an exotic mix of cultures and peoples, but it’s anyone’s guess how the name of a Russian saint was bestowed upon St. Herman’s…

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Honey Camp Lagoon in Orange Walk
About Belize Travel to Belize

Honey Camp Lagoon: This Quiet Place Belongs to the Ages

Wildlife preserves, zip lining and repelling into caves are all exciting, but for most of us, a quiet day spent communing with Mother Nature could be the restorative journey needed…

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La Milpa Mayan Ruins in Belize
About Belize Belize Tours

La Milpa

Located in the north of the country in Belize’s Orange Walk District, La Milpa is is the third-largest Maya ruin site in Belize. Although excavations continue and much of the…

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belize ecosystems
About Belize Belize Environment

What to Know About Belize’s 5 Different Ecosystems

While Belize is a relatively small country, visitors and locals have easy access to five very different ecosystems. Learn about these distinct ecosystems of Belize below. Tropical Rain Forest A…

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belize retirement
Belize Real Estate Belize Retirement

Dreaming of Belize Retirement? 5 Important Factors You Need to Know

It’s easier than you think—and the government of Belize is delighted to help you every step of the way by offering perks no other Central American country can! A hammock…

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a history of corozal belize
About Belize People and Culture Travel to Belize

A History of Corozal Belize

A Brief History of Corozal Belize For contemporary visitors coming to Corozal with more interest in water sports than this region’s exciting past, it can come as a surprise when,…

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Mexico Rocks Marine Reserve in Ambergris Caye Belize
About Belize Activities Snorkeling Things To Do Travel to Belize

Mexico Rocks Marine Reserve in Ambergris Caye

If the idea of going snorkeling sounds exciting and fun—-but you’re shy when it comes to trying things for the very first time—there’s a Belize destination that has your name…

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Where to travel in 2020
Travel to Belize

Belize: The Top Destination To Travel in 2020

If you are looking for an exciting 2020 vacation destination, why not consider Belize? Located in Central America, Belize offers something for everyone, whether it is scuba diving the second…

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visit belize
About Belize Travel to Belize

Should You Visit Belize?

If you are wondering whether or not you should visit Belize, all you need to do is ask someone who has been there. They will tell you to spend as…

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About Belize

Burdon Canal Nature Reserve In Belize

Situated just outside of Belize City sits the untouched wonders of the Burdon Canal Nature Reserve. These beautiful permanently waterlogged back swamps are the perfect location to see birds such…

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Las Banquitas in Orange Walk Belize

Discover History and Culture at Las Banquitas in Orange Walk, Belize

Photo by Banquitas House of Culture (NICH) About Las Banquitas Emmanuel N. Arinze, a former president of the Commonwealth Association of Museums, wrote an eloquent essay about the value of…

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About Belize People and Culture Travel to Belize

How Belize Got Its Name

What is the origin of the country name Belize? The simple truth is that no one is quite sure how Belize got its name. In Spanish, it is known as…

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