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victoria house belize
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Victoria House: The Belize Resort Fit for a Queen

When Queen Elizabeth II made an official visit to Belize in 1994, had she not been offered a government residence during her stay, we’re pretty sure she would have been…

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belize swing bridge
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Belize’s Swing Bridge: 101-Years-Old and Counting

There may not be a birthday party staged by municipal officials to memorialize the day Belize’s first swing bridge was erected, but there’s no denying the fact that the much-needed…

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The Belize Zoo: Everything You Need To Know

The Belize Zoo: Home to Former Movie Stars! Once upon a time, film producers specializing in documentaries about life in tropical forests chose Belize as their favorite destination. Critters now…

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Belize’s Economy Today

The economy of Belize continues to revolve around a number of key sectors, and GDP growth in the country is affected significantly by output in these areas, most notably agriculture….

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tiger cave in belize
Activities Caving Toledo

Tiger Cave in Southern Belize

Tiger Cave is a 90 minute hike from San Miguel, a village located within Belize’s Toledo District. Despite featuring a tiger in its name, the site actually got its name…

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Half Moon Caye Natural Monument: This is Birding and Diving Heaven

As atolls go, Half Moon Caye National Monument is the furthest from Belize’s mainland and while it’s tiny, it has been given a very long name. In fact, this caye’s…

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koko king belize
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Life’s a Beach–Especially When That Beach Happens to be Koko King!

There’s a syndrome people develop as soon as they discover the wonders of Belize: It’s called Beach Confusion. For a tiny nation, Belize beaches are so unique and amazing, picking…

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South Water Caye, an incredible island in Southern Belize

Because of the freshwater sources in the center of this small island, fisherman used to stop off at South Water Caye to replenish their supplies. Approximately 15 acres in size,…

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Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary

Swallow Caye is an island (all islands are called “cayes” in Belize) located just a few miles off the coast of Belize City. The caye is located in the center…

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Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve
Belize Travel to Belize

The Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve in Belize

Belize is famously known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, crystal clear water, and great seafood. It also has a lot of outdoor activities to offer, from hiking the jungles for…

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maya king waterfalls
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Maya King Waterfall, An Amazing Place To Cool Off in Southern Belize

If you have never gone swimming in a waterfall, you should know that it is definitely a great way to cap off an adventure through the jungles of a country…

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About Belize Belize Real Estate Belize Retirement

Why Belize? – 35 Reasons to Invest

  Why Belize? – 35 Reasons to Invest Far beyond the obvious and compelling reasons to invest in Central American real estate, Belize offers amenities which no other country can…

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