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Thanksgiving in Belize
About Belize Travel to Belize

Where to Celebrate Your Thanksgiving in Belize

Thanksgiving in Belize When Thanksgiving arrives in the U.S., everyone gives thanks for pilgrims arriving safely at Massachusetts’ Plymouth Rock centuries ago. Typically, lavish meals replicate the first one shared…

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Belizean Food

Christmas isn’t Christmas ‘til You Toast With Rompopo

Does Belize have an official Christmas drink? You bet. It’s called Rompopo and it’s so close to eggnog you could have a hard time telling them apart—-until you ask for…

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Visit Hopkins Belize
About Belize Belize Tours Travel to Belize

Why You Have to Visit Hopkins Belize on Your Vacation

Often ranked as the friendliest village in Belize, Hopkins is in the center of the Garifuna culture, a unique people with both African and Caribbean roots who migrated to the…

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chicle industry belize
About Belize Travel to Belize

A Short History of Belize’s Chicle Industry

What does a pack of Wrigley chewing gum have to do with Belize’s history? Well, without chicle, an ingredient required to make chewing gum, you might have to turn to…

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About Belize Travel to Belize

Getting Around Belize: Transportation Tips

Belize is home to stunningly beautiful beaches and magnificent rainforests and jungles, but the good news is that the country is relatively small and easy to navigate. Measuring approximately 180…

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About Belize Travel to Belize

10 Things Not To Miss In Belize

Not everybody comes to Belize to burrow in the sand, contemplate the Caribbean Sea or down at least one beer at every bar in the vicinity! Travelers dedicated to healthy…

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Belize Belize Real Estate Belize Retirement

Belize Visa and Residency: Everything You Need to Know about the Many Options Available

Belize Visa and Residency Information With more than 180 miles of beautiful beaches and islands, a friendly, relaxed pace of life, and fabulous year-round weather, more and more people are…

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corozal belize
Corozal Destinations Travel to Belize

Corozal Town: A Scenic and Peaceful Destination in Belize

Corozal is a charming town of approximately 10,000 people located in the far north of Belize just across the border from Mexico. Popular due to its beautiful setting on the…

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About Belize Belize Tours People and Culture

Garifuna Settlement Day

Nearly 400 years ago, the British began importing slaves from Africa to plantations on Caribbean islands like St. Vincent. Over time, these African peoples began to intermarry with local Arawak…

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Belizean Food

How to Make Hudut, a Traditional Garifuna Food

The Garifuna have many delicious foods that are part of their culinary heritage, but one classic staple graces the tables of Garifuna families all over Belize. Hudut is a delicious…

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Mosquitoes Bugs and Insects in Belize
Travel to Belize

How bad are mosquitoes, bugs and insects in Belize?

For travelers preoccupied with relaxing and having fun in Belize, the topic of mosquitoes, bugs and insects is not likely to be at the forefront of their brains. But these…

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Belize All Inclusive Resorts
About Belize Places to Stay Travel to Belize

Belize All Inclusive Hotels & Resorts – Where To Stay in Belize 2021

The Best Belize All Inclusive Resorts & Hotels Pick The Right Belize Resort For You Have you ever tried to pick just the best Belize all inclusive resorts out of…

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