Tasty, Filling, and Healthy: Nine Foods to Try in Belize

Tasty, Filling, and Healthy: Nine Foods to Try in Belize

Belizean Garnaches

When vacation is not about sightseeing, it’s about eating local cuisine. Belize is especially famous for its unique Caribbean food that brings together an eclectic mixture of Maya, Spanish and African influences to produce dishes unlike anywhere else in the world.

Here are 9 exotic Belizean foods we recommend you try on your Belize vacation.

1. Rice and Beans


The staple dish of the country, every region has its own take. Made with a base of red kidney beans and rice, it is a Belizean delicacy that varies in flavor and is traditionally served with potato salad and often accompanied by fried, stewed or grilled meats or fishes cooked in local spices.

2. Stew Chicken

belizean stew chicken

Often paired with rice and beans, stew chicken is another local favorite. While the variations aren’t wildly different, each region’s version still maintains its own individual and unique flavor.

3. Belizean Tamales

tamales belize

Belizean tamales are direct descendants of the Mayan recipes. Virtually unchanged for thousands of years, this mix of cornmeal and meat wrapped in a corn husk has always been popular.

4. Ceviche

belizean ceviche

Because ceviche is made with seafood, it is an absolute must-try in a country that hauls in literal tons of fresh fish and shellfish every day.

5. Salbutes


Salbutes are common appetizers made from mini fried corn tortillas that are then topped with tomatoes, chicken, avocado, and cabbage.

6. Garnaches

Belizean Garnaches

Garnaches are extremely similar to salbutes. The big difference is that they are crunchier and topped with more general ingredients, including beans, onions and Dutch cheese.

7. Conchita Pibil

cochinita pibil belize food

Never underestimate Belizean pork. Slow roasted and marinated, conchita pibil involves the wrapping of various cuts of pork followed by cooking the meat to perfection.

8. Fry Jacks


Fry jacks are a national breakfast favorite. These deep-fried tortillas are often paired with cheeses and refried beans.

9. Chimole (Black Dinner)

belizean chirmole

This black soup comes to Belize from both the Mayan and Mestizo cultures found here today. Usually made with chicken, this unusual looking dish also uses achiote and a wide array of spices.

Learn more about the cuisine of Belize here: Belizean Foods.

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