15 Reasons to Vacation at this Private Belize Island Resort

15 Reasons to Vacation at this Private Belize Island

You don’t need a reason to justify a vacation, but choosing just one place in Belize is no easy fete given the variety of options open to travelers. May we suggest solving your dilemma by recommending Yok Ha Private Island Resort in Belize, where privacy is just the beginning of your vacation story?

1. It’s exotic. Movie set exotic. Even if you’re the worst photographer on the planet, turn out picture-postcard images, including one that’s perfect for your Christmas card–if you can find someone to snap it on this small, secluded island.

2. It’s manageable. Situated on this three acre slip of land, Yok Ha makes the ideal headquarters for your visit. The island is so small, you can walk everywhere, in any direction, in just minutes.

3. Accommodations are spectacular. From air conditioned, deluxe seafront cabanas filled with handcrafted furniture to private verandas, hammocks, WiFi access and well-appointed bathrooms, everything you need is at your fingertip.

4. It’s affordable. Don’t let the expensive “look” of Yok Ha Resort fool you; this private island getaway is affordable—particularly if you take advantage of specials, low season bookings and packages that include extras for one price.

5. No eating out! Save your cash for adventures. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. Three-night minimum stays are required, but who goes to a private island and leaves in a day? Not you.

6. You can pack light. Earmark one medium-size bag for a Yok Ha Resort vacation. Pack bathing togs, shorts, shirts and flip-flops; perhaps a skirt and a few scarves. You’ll be as well-dressed as everyone else on the island.

7. Gear rentals are cheap. Rent a BCD, regulator, wetsuit or mask/fin/snorkel combination each each day for just $10 USD. Rack up a $30 tab and get a discount. Rent a kayak for $25 per half-day.

8. The weather’s idyllic. Perpetually sunny skies greet visitors from December to April. The green season is from June to December, but it often falls at night. August to October is rainy season—but that doesn’t stop frequent patrons from flocking here.

9. Kiss traffic goodbye. Get out from under your commute, stop-and-go driving and stress-producing traffic. See what it’s like to live without a car and exhaust fumes. Give your lungs a great vacation, too.

10. Everyone speaks English. We tell tourists that Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America and a majority find that revelation surprising. Your take-away? Leave your translation guides at home.

11. It’s romantic. Yok Ha is a lover’s paradise. Get married here, honeymoon, book an anniversary trip or just smooch to your heart’s content at Yok Ha Resort. And like Las Vegas, what happens at Yok Ha stays at Yok Ha.

12. Find conservation nirvana. Belize is committed to ecological responsibility and Yok Ha is no exception. Staff conserves power and resources in creative ways, so you’ll contribute to the movement just by booking here.

13. Fill your days with adventures. The Yok Ha staff is delighted to hook guests up with off-site day trips. Whether your desire is seeing birds, animals and waterfalls or indulging in marine sports, your dance card will be perpetually full.

14. Commune with spirits. The number of Mayan ruins in Belize is awe-inspiring, so indulge your inner archaeologist. Caves, villages, temples and cities await; ask Yok Ha staff to arrange guided tours of as many ruins as you can handle.

15. It’s private! Isn’t it your most profound desire to find a haven with little humanity? One of Yok Ha’s promises to guests is: “You will only be seen if and when you want to.” Private enough for you? Thought so.



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