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Make Belize Your Place of Peace


Make Belize Your Place of Peace

With the glittering blue waters of the Caribbean Sea on one side and the verdant green expanses of rainforest on the other, Belize comfortably matches many definitions of what paradise…

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Traveling From Belize to Tikal, Guatemala — A Guide During COVID-19

Belize and Guatemala were once both part of the Maya Empire, but territorial boundaries changed a long time ago, and the pandemic has made travel significantly more complicated than it…

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5 Perfect Belize Signature Drinks To Enjoy On Your Vacation

Can you imagine a world in which there is no happy hour? Would life be as much fun and would you unwind less successfully if your favorite beverage went missing?…

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Why Belize Is The Top Honeymoon Destination For Adventurous Couples

It’s natural why so many couples are choosing Belize for their weddings and honeymoons. The Central American nation has been centering their tourism information with an argument of obvious appeal:…

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The Complete 2021 Guide To Buying Real Estate in Belize

The Belize real estate market continues to be hot. Prices have trended up in the past 10 years, and properties close to the waterfront or the inland tourist centers continue…

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Red Bank Village and the Scarlet Macaw Tour

Despite their name, scarlet macaws are not entirely red (or scarlet) colored. Instead, these birds are adorned with brilliantly hued feathers of red, yellow, and blue. Related to parrots, scarlet…


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10 Reasons Why Belize is Central America’s Hidden Gem

Tucked away under Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the tiny nation of Belize is truly Central America’s hidden gem. Here are 10 reasons why: 1 – Reef A UNESCO World Heritage Site,…

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How to Make Belizean Creole Bun

Creole food is a big part of what makes Belizean cuisine so tasty, and no Creole meal is complete without some traditional Creole buns. Creole buns are influenced by British-style…

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