Belize On A Budget (Belize on the Cheap) | Save Money in Belize

Top Tips And Ways To Save Money When Travelling To Belize

Belize On A Budget

Belize On A Budget 

Belize is one of the most popular vacation destinations on the planet, but there are plenty of exciting activities and cozy accommodations available for budget travelers. This convenient guide will explain how to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Belize without breaking the bank.

Try Alternative Airports

Although major airlines like Delta, Southwest, United, and American Airlines all offer non-stop service to Belize, it can sometimes be cheaper to find an indirect route. Consider flying to Cancun in Mexico and then taking a bus or shuttle service across the border into Belize.

If you prefer to arrive in Belize directly, consider traveling during the off season and book your flight more than 90 days in advance for the very best fares.

Share a Belize Tour

Half the fun of exploring Belize is enjoying all of the amazing sites and attractions. One great way to save money is to pair up with other travelers when booking a guided tour. Many of Belize’s most popular sites, including ancient Maya ruins, can be explored without a guide but special activities like entering ceremonial caves or paddling down a river will require a licensed guide.

Try the Belize Chicken Bus

Known lovingly by locals as the “chicken bus”, Belize has a well-developed cross-country network of public transportation in the form of buses. You’re unlikely to pay more than four American dollars to get from one side of the country to the other, but you’ll have to negotiate crowded vehicles, spotty timetables, and multiple connections.


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Stay at a Belize B&B

Although Belize is famous for its luxury resorts, jungle lodges, and beachfront hotels, one of the best ways to save money on accommodations is to try a bed and breakfast. Many B&Bs in Belize are small, family-run businesses where you can get a clean and comfortable room plus breakfast for a low price. Plus, you’ll be helping out local entrepreneurs.

Try the Belize Street Food

If it doesn’t grow in Belize, food can be prohibitively expensive. One of the tastiest ways to save money (besides eating breakfast at your B&B) is to try some of the savory treats on offer by the numerous street food vendors in Belize. Popular dishes like rice and beans will rarely set you back more than a dollar or so, and the food in Belize is generally safe to eat. Other popular items include papusas (a kind of taco) and barbecued meat.

Invest in Bottled Water

You won’t save any money directly by insisting on drinking only bottled water, but you’ll save a lot of money in the long run by avoiding potentially serious water-borne illnesses and stomach upsets. You can usually find quality bottled water for less than one American dollar a liter, and you’ll need plenty of hydration in a country where long, sunny days are the norm.

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