Maya King Waterfall, An Amazing Place To Cool Off in Southern Belize

Maya King Waterfall, An Amazing Place To Cool Off in Southern Belize

maya king waterfalls

If you have never gone swimming in a waterfall, you should know that it is definitely a great way to cap off an adventure through the jungles of a country like Belize. While Belize has many picturesque falls, the tallest within Central America, the Maya King waterfalls are especially notable. While you can go for a swim, you can also stand under the rushing waters in a form of meditation or just use the natural rock sides as a seat to relax and take in the full view.

Getting to Maya King falls is an easy tour whether you are a local or a visitor to Belize. It is also the most prominently photographed waterfalls in the country. You do not even need to use your feet, just take a vehicle from your point of origin to the park it lays within. One last thing to know is the site surrounding the falls is fully equipped with rooms for you to change in or out of your bathing suit.

If all of the relaxations seems a tad bit placid, it is not out of the question to also go on a zip-lining tour. If that is your wish, consider zooming down a line in the morning and then chilling out by the falls. As an added bonus, moving through all of the jungle means you will have plenty of chances to have the many different, vibrant species of tropical birds flying in parallel with your ride.

River tubing is yet another activity you can enjoy while heading out to Maya King falls. Why not plop yourself into an inner tube and take a guided trip down the river, flanked by Belize’s lush flora and fascinating fauna. Much like when adding zip-lining to this trip, river tubing can double as a means of reaching the falls.

While the trip to and from Maya King falls is not a very long one, the journey includes a trip between rows and rows of orange trees, followed by a canopy of bamboo known as the “Bamboo Cathedral.” Because these falls are built into a pair of mountain peaks, the road leading to them snakes along the side of mountains. This road is lined with tall trees that can offer lots of shade along the way. After just two hours of relaxing in and around the falls, your tour will bring you back to Placencia.

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