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Big Rock Waterfalls – All You Need to Know Before You Go


Belize: Home to the Highest Waterfall in Central America

When a waterfall is as famous as Belize’s Big Rock, the name doesn’t always stick. No matter what you call it, this spectacular cascade will still take your breath away. It’s gorgeous from a distance and up close so you’ll snap fabulous photos. This is a great place to visit if you could use a powerful example of nature’s majesty.

Big Rock Waterfalls

If you insist upon comparing Big Rock to Belize’s other six waterfalls, think big. Butterfly Falls, a Big Rock neighbor, is much smaller. Five Sisters Falls only earned the name because it’s fed by five streams, and the small falls at Mayflower Bocawina National Park (Bocawina, Three Sisters and Antelope) plus Rio Blanco don’t hold a candle to this towering, sky-high waterfall hidden within the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest.

Why you should visit Big Rock Waterfalls

Would you miss seeing Niagara Falls or Victoria Falls while traveling? Of course not, so put Big Rock at the top of your must-see list while in Belize. The force of nature is located not far from the Cayo District, making it a perfect day trip. As waters rush over rock formations from so great a height, snap photos, picnic and feel your body release and relax amid the soothing sounds. Splash in the pool at the waterfall’s base. You can tell the world afterward that you just visited the tallest waterfall in Central America.

Where in Belize is it located?

Headquarter in San Ignacio Town (Cayo) and you will be close enough to Mountain Pine Ridge to make day trips to the waterfall as often as you like since no long drive is required to get you there. In addition to having this access to the forest and the waterfall, you’ll also be able to avail yourself of the town’s amenities that include fine dining, shopping and nearby attractions, and you can also arrange for bird watching, hiking, zip-lining and other adventure activities to add variety to your itinerary.


When the best time to come here?

Waterfalls are on no particular schedule, though during Belize’s green season, rains can add plenty of drama to a cascade that’s already making impressive pounding sounds as it gushes down from such a dramatic height to replenish that base pool. Come whenever you like, though if you visit in the spring, you’ll enjoy more favorable lodging and attraction rates. Besides, San Ignacio isn’t crowded in the spring so if you’ve got romance on your mind, you could have this spectacular destination all to yourselves.

Best way to get to Big Rock Waterfalls

The best way to get to Big Rock is to book a tour with a guide who’s familiar with this area and let them get you into the forest in a proper 4WD vehicle to tackle the terrain. It’s a trek to reach the waterfall located within this deep and dense 300 square mile pine forest populated with Jurassic Age limestone and granite boulders, hills and valleys. If you love a challenge, feel free to drive from San Ignacio. A ranger station will greet you when you enter the park. Beyond the gate, signage can guide you the four miles to your destination.

Best way to experience Big Rock Waterfalls

What’s the best way to get the most of your experience? We apologize for the repetition, but a guided tour is seriously the way to undertake this adventure. You’ll get to the waterfall in a timely manner after driving through this evergreen wonderland as your guide tells you all about how this land was first declared a protected preserve back in 1944. You’ll hear the falls before you see them, and when you do, you’ll be rewarded big time. Try the bracing water of the pool, which is lots deeper than it looks. Spend time gazing up at this unspoiled landmark, and don’t be surprised if your pulse is slower by the time you leave this heavenly spot.

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