1000 Foot Falls in the Mountain Pine Ridge of Belize

Thousand Foot Falls: A Majestic Waterfall to visit in Belize

Located deep within a nature reserve in western Belize, Thousand Foot Falls is the highest waterfall in all of Central America. A swift river descends over a granite cliff to descend more than 1,600 feet into a thickly forested natural wonderland.

Why You Have to Visit 1000-Foot Falls On Your Vacation

As you wend your way through the verdant hillsides of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, you’ll come across a special viewing area equipped with a public restroom and some benches. From there, you can see the majesty of the largest waterfall in all of Central America. Although its waters descend more than 1,600 feet into a thickly forested gorge, the waterfall is known in Belize as Thousand Foot Falls.

Committed hikers can also descend their way to the disgorgement pool at the bottom of the waterfall to enjoy a refreshing dip in the delightfully cool waters.

Where in Belize Is 1000-Foot Falls Located?

Thousand Foot Falls is located inside of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in the Cayo District of western Belize. As such, it has no official address but the closest major town is San Ignacio. Once inside the park, follow well-marked signs to arrive at the falls.

When Is the Best Time to Visit 1000-Foot Falls Belize

As a natural phenomenon, Thousand Foot Falls is open year-round to the public. To see the waterfall at its best, avoid rainy or overcast days.

Best Way to Get to 1000-Foot Falls Belize

The nearest town to the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is San Ignacio in Belize’s western Cayo District. From there, several official entrances to the enormous reserve (over 100,000 acres or 430 square kilometers) exist. Follow well-marked trails and signs to arrive at the official viewing site for Thousand Foot Falls.

Best Way to Experience 1000-Foot Falls Belize

It’s relatively easy to catch a glimpse of the falls from the official viewing area, but to truly appreciate the grandeur of the largest waterfall in Central America, several hours of steep hiking through mountainous terrain will be required. Be sure to bring water and a sturdy pair of hiking boots.

The hard work of hiking such steep terrain will be rewarded by both an unobstructed view much closer to the top of the falls as well as a refreshing swim at the bottom of the falls in the delightfully cool receiving pool.

Contact us if you have any questions about 1000 Foot Falls or if you would like to book a tour.

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