7 Reasons Why Belize Should Be Your Next Fishing Destination

7 Reasons Why Belize Should Be Your Next Fishing Destination

belize is a world class fishing destination

1. It’s a breeze to get a license. If you’ve ever had to do everything but promise your firstborn to pay for a fishing license—not to mention the time it takes to fill out forms–you’ve never fished Belize waters. For about $20USD a week, the ocean is yours 24/7 or pay $50 for a month’s worth of angling amid the world’s best fishing grounds. If you’re of a mind to keep coming back or move here, get a permanent license for $100USD and flash that baby before the eyes of fellow fishing fanatics. They’ll be jealous and envious. Got questions about obtaining a permit? Call the CZMA at 223-0719/5739.

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2. Hiring a boat is effortless. As a matter of fact, you may be overwhelmed with choices. Competition has come to Belize and it’s like a shark-feeding frenzy for tourists and residents alike who are happy to take advantage of affordable rates that include just about everything you require except guarantees! Charters can provide you with as much time on the water as you wish to pay for plus gear, food and beverages. Belize skippers are accomplished navigators who understand everything from times and tides to fish species swimming beneath the sea in this corner of the world, which is why they earn such tidy tips.

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