Beach or Jungle? Belize Lets You be the Decider!

Beach or Jungle? Belize Lets You be the Decider!

Belize Beach or Jungle

You may not realize this as you set off on a journey to find a carefree retirement or relocation haven, but Belize is your dream destination. There’s so much to see and do here, making decisions about how you will spend your days opens myriad worlds of new opportunity.

Beach or jungle? Sailing or strolling markets? When you pick a home in the village-like atmosphere of Orchid Bay, the gated community beloved by ex-pats for giving residents the best of all worlds, choices will become an everyday delight. Is living full-time in Belize the same as vacationing here? Not on your life—it’s better–which is why we like to refer to Belize as the capital of “You Decide”!

-Decide between an active life and one that buries your body in the sand. Your idea of Nirvana may be reading stacks of books that are gathering dust, or perhaps you can’t imagine your life without being perpetually surrounded by lots of people on your social calendar. Most Orchid Bay residents are somewhere in the middle.

-Decide between living in a house, villa, condo and building a custom home from scratch on your lot. Orchid Bay is a vast community where architectural styling and state-of-the-art infrastructure take priority. Anyone who can’t decide on a residence that suits their tastes and sensibilities may not be ready to move quite yet!

-Decide to start a business or leave your work days in the past. Starting a business in Belize happens more frequently than retirees imagine, but once ex-pats discover that they can pursue an idea they’ve dreamed about without having that income taxed, the idea of going back to work sounds like fun.

-Decide to engage in a new activity or stick to what you love. People moving to Belize often grant themselves permission to learn and do things that delight, fascinate and even scare them. You’ll find neighbors who scuba dive, sail, fish, become wine aficionados or indulge in cultural pursuits for the first time in their lives.

-Decide to become a part-time archaeologist or avoid ferreting around historic digs when you’d rather be playing chess. Belize’s ancient ruins dot the landscape, and ex-pats who develop an urge to sleuth out the mysteries of the Mayans find that acquiring a taste for digging or not digging is an unexpected surprise.

-Decide to pamper your inner adventurer by setting off on journeys of exploration like snorkeling, fishing, sailing and scuba diving–or become so familiar with landmarks like the Belize Barrier Reef, it’s the first place you take visiting friends and relatives so you can show off your new home’s geological and ecological wonders.

-Decide to take pride in your new homeland’s conservation efforts by committing yourself to helping keep over 40-percent of Belize’s protected landmass pristine and untouched so future generations enjoy these spaces. Your willingness to help maintain the diversity of plants and animals strengthens your commitment to Belize’s most important issue.

-Decide to stick around your new Belize home or fly home as time and money allow. Reduced airfares and rate wars between all the majors make returns home for birthdays, weddings and reunions much more affordable. And since you can live here comfortably on around $2,000 USD a month, your decision to move here may have been made in the time it took you to read that last sentence!

Get a copy of The Ultimate Belize Bucket List! Written by Larry Waight, a local with more than twenty years of experience in the travel industry, the book is packed with tips, information, and recommendations about all of the best things to see and do in Belize.
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