Belize, which was the former British Honduras, has the lowest population density in theCentral America. Belize has an abundant variety of both land and water animals and diverse ecosystems make Belize a key place in the Mesoamerican Biological corridor.

In every direction of the Belize Map, attractions abound, but this guide will tell you the attractions found, in general, in each point of the compass.


These are the 4 Eco-nature destinations in Belize worth visiting for:

Northern Belize:

The New River, which is an ancient Maya waterway, is a winding vista that showcases the beauty and grandeur of Belize’s wildlife, with sugar cane fields lining the highway. This highway will ultimately lead to the Mayan Ruins for exploration. These ruins have Mystical temples and other ceremonial sites that serve as a reminder of the lost culture.

Western Belize:

This region has the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio, accompanied by lush forests, caves yet to be explored and numerous waterfalls. There are numerous Mayan Cities close to each other in this region, which would allow travelers to explore more than one Mayan site in a day. Finally, a trip to Cayo, with its picturesque rainforests, will be a great conclusion to this region’s destinations.

Southern Belize:

This region is accented by its golden sand beaches, rainforests, and its large marine life reserve. Southern Belize is also the home to the surviving Mayan tribes, and an encounter to the natives will be most rewarding with their enchanting folk tales. Also, this region has the only jaguar reserves left in the world.

Central Belize:

The home of the famous Howler Monkeys and a wide array of bird species, Central Belize will fulfill the desire of those wanting to have an exciting wildlife experience. A visit to Belize City can stir the aesthetics with its Old-World combined with Modern Architecture. For those wanting to have a cultural experience, Central Belize boasts historical mementos from the “Kirol” culture as early as 1700′s.


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