Flock to Belize for the 2020 Annual Birding Festival

Flock to Belize for the 2020 Annual Birding Festival

belize birding festival

Belize is the ultimate birding destination in the Caribbean, and now you can join together with hundreds of other birdwatchers when you attend the third Belize Birding Festival. This two-day festival takes place on October 24-25, 2020, in Old Belize, Belize. This is the ideal time of year for a birding festival because Belize is the destination for as many as 20 percent of all migrant birds that travel south for the winter. In addition to having a chance to see these migrant birds, you also can observe the skies and landscape for the many birds that live in the area year-round. More than that, the festival gives you a chance to learn more about Belize’s species through presentations, exhibitions and more.

About the Belize Birding Festival

The Belize Birding Festival welcomes local and international birders and wildlife enthusiasts to enhance their appreciation of the spectacular beauty of the natural habitat, throughout the length and breadth of the country, that the almost 590 residents and migratory birds of Belize live in. Enjoy the day strolling through vendor booths, attending workshops, join a group for a birding tour, share photos and experiences about your birding adventures.

Belize is an increasingly popular vacation destination for birdwatchers. Throughout the year, you may have an opportunity to see numerous beautiful species in their native habitat. Belize is home to birds like the great horned owl, the scarlet macaw, the pale-billed woodpecker, the blue-crowned mot-mot and more. Regardless of whether you are an avid birding enthusiast or you have a growing interest in birdwatching, this festival is a must-attend event.

Remember that the Belize Birding Festival is only one of many ways to enjoy birdwatching on your trip to the area. Regardless of whether your vacation plans cover different dates or you want to add to your birdwatching experience before or after the festival, keep in mind that there are numerous birdwatching tours that you can book throughout the country as well. You can also simply explore natural areas on your own.

If you plan to attend the Belize Birding Festival, make your travel plans now. Some local resorts are hosting special travel packages for festival-goers. Online registration is available for the festival as well.


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