Belize’s Real Estate Boom Showcased at Cerros Sands, the Ultimate in Retirement Living

Belize’s Real Estate Boom Showcased at Cerros Sands, the Ultimate in Retirement Living

Belize Real Estate 2019

Once upon a time, the migration route between North America and Costa Rica looked like a buffalo stampede. Retirees and people weary of stress-filled lifestyles snapped up property like kids in candy stores. But in a relatively short amount of time, the cost of living and property purchase costs skyrocketed in that nation, turning this once-thriving ex-pat haven into a nation affordable to only a few.

“Living here in Belize, we were witness to the rise and fall of this market — as well as the fate of other nations in our ‘neighborhood,’” recalls Cerros Sands developer Mark Leonard, whose investments in Belize were made specifically because this market and the nation’s economy were on a better trajectory than neighboring nations.

“It’s not fair,” added Leonard. “I don’t know how retirees survive in a country where the cost of living has skyrocketed and shows no sign of stopping. But if you know what you’re doing — and I say that modestly as I refer to the approach my team and I take when attracting investors and retirees — we want people investing in Cerros Sands and Belize to be as happy 10 years from now as they are the day they purchase their homes, land, condos or investment properties.”

“People interested in what Cerros Sands has to offer are taken aback when I begin our conversation by talking about Belize’s Qualified Retired Persons Program. This welcoming perk includes so many incentives, I refer property shoppers to our website so they can read about each one for themselves,” Leonard adds.

“At that point, they are ready to look at our prime property parcels because they’re already thinking about how far their retirement dollar can stretch once they relocate.”

Cerros Sands was developed with an eye toward conservation and relaxation, two concepts that are not mutually exclusive. Leonard cites tourism increases that hit record highs in 2018. Tourists coming for the sun and fun realized that Belize retirement simply made sense thanks the low cost of living, huge ex-pat community and wealth of natural resources that includes jungles, wildlife, ancient Maya ruins, gorgeous beaches and attractions — especially in the Corozal District where Cerros Sands is located.

“As top international magazines and travel resources began to showcase Belize and confer awards on our resorts and attractions over the past few years, major airlines took notice and doubled down on regularly-scheduled flights, so interest in Cerros Sands properties grew exponentially,” Leonard said. “It only takes a couple of hours to get back home to see friends and family, and our retirement community takes full advantage of this fact.”

“Cerros Sands was an ambitious project because we focused on only one major goal: Turning this area of Corozal into the retirement capitol of Belize,” adds Leonard whose background in U.S. land development made him the ideal person to establish a standard in planned community building at Cerros Sands.

“Our architectural guidelines alone have been known to excite northerners so much, they can practically envision homes in their heads when they see how generous these parcels are and how affordable they are, too. I love the look on their faces when we tell potential home buyers that they can build an 1800-square-foot home on beachfront property at a price that leaves them speechless. This is the part of my job that I love most of all!”

For additional information about Cerros Sands, current retirement investment and buying opportunities, visit the website, call the on-site office at 011–501–670–8724 or inquire via e-mail at [email protected]

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