Discover a world of possibilities when you retire in Belize

What are your expectations when you think about retiring abroad? A safe, stable and luxurious base? Easy access to other places and cultures? How about a ready-made community eager to welcome you home each time you roam–a place where you can live like a king on a modest income? Belize, a country the size of Vermont, offers a world of possibilities.

Just hours away. You read that right; Belize is just hours from North America by plane; so close, you can have breakfast in Houston and still feel full when your plane lands at Belize’s international airport in Belize City. This short trip is easily accomplished thanks to major airlines like United, American, Southwest and regional carriers who have ramped up their flight numbers to meet demands of retirees and travelers going back and forth frequently. Even fare costs have dropped, so returns home and back are surprisingly affordable.

A place called home.
There’s a gated community in Belize that hugs a tranquil bay and provides a residential haven for retirees who like the idea of living in a safe, planned village filled with people from the U.S. and Canada. This community offers the best of the best: The atmosphere, architecture and lush surroundings are pure Caribbean but it’s the amenities you can’t see that impress: state of the art utilities and infrastructure equal to or better than North American standards. We like to say that Orchid Bay  is a world away, yet as close to perfect as a retirement dream can be. Condos, villas and homes—plus vacant lots—are all available.

Everything in reach. Your distinguished career, growing family and social connections suited your former life, but now, you’re ready to take it slow and have fun. The sheer variety of things to do, see, experience and taste in Belize is mind boggling. Swim, deep-sea dive, visit wildlife and marine refuges, frequent ancient Mayan ruins, get up close and personal with Belize’s Great Barrier Reef and don’t miss year-round festivals, holidays and celebrations. Learn about Belize’s melting pot of cultures and discover the nation’s eclectic culinary scene, using Orchid Bay as your base when you travel to neighboring nations that are amazingly close.

Surprisingly affordable. Retiring to Belize is like opening a Christmas present, only there are no ugly sweaters inside! Belize’s Qualified Retirement Program offers the best incentive of all to relocate here: anyone 45 years old is of retirement age, so as long as you can prove monthly income of $2000, you qualify. In addition to bringing your personal and household goods here tax-free, you can start a business without paying taxes on your earnings, so that small business idea you flirted with over time could become your reality. There’s more: you only have to spend a month in Belize annually to collect all of these perks.

Endless summer. You won’t be the exception to the rule if you admit that your biggest reason for heading south has to do with escaping the ailments, inconveniences and struggles that come with living in cold, congested and stressful environs! Trading up for a tropical climate where even rainy days don’t dampen the spirits of retirees simply makes sense if you’re in a position to craft a new life for yourself. You are going to have to make one sacrifice, however, when you trade your suits, coats, boots, gloves and hats for lightweight shorts, shirts and dresses that are standard attire here in Belize—in addition to a few pair of sandals, of course. Fess up: Is there anything about retiring in Belize that gives you pause? Thought not!





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