Belize The Paradise You Want to Call Home

Belize The Paradise You Want to Call Home

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For many retirees, the decision to find a retirement place can be tedious task altogether. While you may want to retire to a destination that has a relaxed lifestyle, fresh air and great food with affordable living, choosing the right place to settle can be a long process.

Belize is one of the countries that have become a big favorite amongst tourists and expats. Other than that, many individuals continue to relocate to this Central American Country with their families. Freedom is one of the biggest reasons why families are choosing this tiny paradise nestled under Mexico. The Belize lifestyle is also a big attraction; slow, relaxed and calming.

The Belize Real Estate

The Belize real estate is a growing business since the number of expats and retirees are making this paradise their new home. The affordable cost of living in this tiny haven, the slow life unlike in North America, and unspoiled nature are some of the most enticing factors for foreigners.

Finding a home in Belize can take a few weeks, or even less, if you get in touch with locals and real estate companies who can help you find a home in an area that best fits your needs. Most lots for sale have open spaces and green spaces in the front or back that owners can use for vegetation or other purposes.

Since there are not many taxes, property ownership isn’t a problem for foreigners, especially retirees who want to buy affordable homes and save as much as possible. When you buy property, you may only have to pay a transfer tax (really cheap, around 5% of the property price). Other than that, annual property taxes are super low too; only a few hundred dollars.

The increasing number of foreigners from U.S settling for their golden period in Belize is also because this country is slightly away from home country, yet not too far. It is only a few hours away from America, which means your family and friends won’t be that far from your Belize home.

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