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There are many different tourism services companies in Belize, but only Nine Belize Eco Cultural Tours was founded by the sociocultural activist and naturalist Joe Awe. Born and raised in San Ignacio, Belize, Awe is one of the (most renowned) experts on indigenous cultures in the country.

After graduating with a degree in cultural and social anthropology from Galen and the University of Indianapolis, Awe founded Nine Belize Eco Cultural Tours in 2012. According to Awe, the reason he founded Nine Belize was to promote ecotourism as part of his commitment to preserving and protecting the environment.

“Nine’s philosophy is people,” said Awe. “People are at the center of everything we do because you can’t protect the environment or historical sites of interest if we don’t take care of people.” Awe went on to say that he believes that by taking care of the local people, this will provide everything necessary for stewardship of the environment and important cultural sites in the country.

Today, Nine Belize is one of the leading tourism providers in the country, offering guests a wide range of eco-tourism adventures, including horseback riding through the jungle, exploring botanical gardens, kayaking down pristine rivers, and plumbing the depths of the mysterious Chechem Ha Cave.

Nine Belize also organizes tours that you can’t find from any other company, including a visit to the San Antonio Women’s Group. San Antonio is a small village inhabited by the Yucatec Maya people, and the cultural tour is entirely organized by local women. Proceeds go towards helping the Maya women of the village sustainably preserve their traditional cultural knowledge, including food preparation, and pottery making.

Other popular tours offered by Nine Belize include an unforgettable sunset tour of the Yaxha ancient Maya site in Guatemala. In the Mayan tongue, the city’s name translates to “Blue-green Water” as it lies on the banks of Lake Yaxha. The tour includes touring this unique site while watching the sun set over the ancient pyramids and palaces that were built more than 2,000 years ago.

For eco-tourists wanting a different experience, Nine Belize also offers guided tours of a local medicinal garden. Located deep in the heart of the rainforest, the garden grows a wide variety of plants that the Maya have used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

If you’re interested in a truly one-of-a-kind eco-tourism experience in Belize, be sure to book your vacation with Nine Belize Eco Tours.

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