5 Belizean Proverbs And Quotes You Should Know Before You Visit Belize

5 Belizean Proverbs And Quotes You Should Know Before You Visit Belize

Belizean Proverbs

When you visit Belize you may be fortunate enough to talk to some of the locals and have them share some of their wisdom with you. The proverbs of the people offer an insight into their culture and help you understand their point of view. Sometimes they can also be a source of humor, for while the underlying message is a good one, the way it is couched can be comical.

Here are five “Kriol” (Creole) proverbs that you might hear:

Wen cak-roach mek danc, e’ no invite fowl

Translation: When cock-roach makes a dance, he doesn’t invite the fowl.
The meaning of this proverb may not be obvious. However, it implies that it is best not to invite trouble to your party.

Fish-a man neva seh e’ fish stink

Translation: Fisherman never says his fish stinks.
The meaning of this one is quite profound. People have a hard time honestly self-evaluating their own abilities or telling the truth about what is closest to them. This is a proverb that seems universal in its application!

Aze-haad pikni go da market two times

Translation: Ears-hard children goes to the market twice.
This might seem a bit confusing until you think about it. The idea is that if you don’t listen, you may not handle your job right the first time. In other words, to avoid extra work, make an effort to listen.

No change black dog fi monkey

Translation: Don’t exchange a black dog for a monkey.
While you might prefer a black dog to a monkey for a pet, the point of this proverb is that even though they are both black animals, they are two very different things, so trading one for the other makes no sense. In other words, when making a trade, don’t be fooled by superficial resemblance.

No call haligetta big mouth til yo done corss di ribba

Translation: Don’t call the alligator a big mouth until you have crossed the river.
This means to remain respectful to those who have power over you, even if it’s temporary!

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