Bob Hawkins Answers 15 Questions About Living in Belize

Bob Hawkins Answers 15 Questions About Living in Belize


Hawkins answers 15 questions about living in Belize:

1) Where are you originally from?

California, nearly 30 years in San Diego and two in the Bay Area. Rose is a native San Franciscan.

2.) What made you move out of your home country?


A better question is, What inspired us to move out of our home country. We love the US and it will always be home and we will always be proud citizens. I say this because we sometimes meet expats who are running away from something they dislike — a government, an economy, a culture, themselves. People running away from something won’t find the answer here.

Between us we have five grown children who have lead adventurous, global lives, traveling to foreign countries, sometimes  living in them. One son was even featured on an episode of “Househunters International” from Nicaragua! For a time we lived vicariously through their adventures as we sat in a large house, paying a large mortgage, large taxes and large insurance premiums. Over and over and over.

We added up my pension and social security, subtracted all the expenses we would eliminate with a lifestyle change,  and were pleasantly surprised to find that we could live a pretty exciting and exotic life in some foreign countries —  and live within our means.

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