Yes, You Can Buy a Beach House in Placencia Belize

Yes, You Can Buy a Beach House in Placencia Belize

buy a beach house in placencia belize

Your timing is perfect if buying a Belize beachfront home has made it to the top of your “must-have” list. Our professionals will make it happen!

For investors seeking a beachfront property that’s close enough to the U.S. to make the journey in just a few hours, Placencia Belize is the very definition of prime real estate. It’s the reason so many foreign investors are flocking to this popular area with property ownership in mind.

You can’t go wrong by investing in Placencia beachfront property. The area is a tourism bonanza, real estate values are strong and increasing, and because investors are still discovering this Central American nation, prices remain affordable. This bonanza may not last long, which is why you need to explore your options now!

Why Placencia?

For people new to Belize and those who wouldn’t think of going elsewhere in the Caribbean region, Placencia is an oasis of beauty, relaxation and its proximity to everything visitors and residents want to see is unique. While you will risk having everyone you know “drop-in” to see your beachfront digs when winter temperatures dip back home, that’s a risk you may be willing to take in trade for sun, fun and ocean breezes!

For investors more interested in return on dollar than ocean air, Belize takes pride in the fact that the nation welcomed a half-million overnight visitors in 2019. While most came to vacation, many realized that Belize is the new frontier in Caribbean real estate since proximity allows investors to keep tabs on holdings as often as they like.

Show you the money

Is it true that the most successful overseas investors are the biggest skeptics? Of course. In fact, they wear that badge with pride. You may already be familiar with the legal pitfalls that trap investors before they realize the trouble they’ve gotten into when they step foot into legal systems that are not as easy to navigate as Belize’s.

In Belize, there are no hidden traps. U.S. and Canadian entrepreneurs find Belize’s legal system, based on common law instituted by the Brits, immediately recognize. Every aspect of Belize real estate law is articulated in terms with which you may already be familiar. Every document is written in English.

The Placencia difference

Having acknowledged an easily navigable legal system, the desirability of Placencia beachfront property and the wisdom of investing now rather than waiting, your next step is finding an agent who knows the lay of the land, understands your desire to acquire a beachfront house and enjoys a professional reputation that is unparalleled.

You can undertake your property search with confidence, knowing you have found the best representation in Placencia: Boris Mannsfeld & Associates. As Placencia’s acknowledged #1 Caribbean real estate authority, you can turn to these professionals for all manner of acquisitions: farms, income property, a resort or an entire island, for that matter.

Make a list of everything you want

Count on the team at Boris Mannsfeld & Associates and their well-established vendors, including surveyors, technicians, engineers, attorneys, lenders, contractors, and architects, to go through that list, point-by-point, walking you through every aspect of your search and purchase and offering their combined expertise to get you the best deal.

Direct access to these experts saves time, stress and money, so whether your goal is becoming an ex-pat, beefing up the holdings in your portfolio or you simply crave that Placencia beach house, why go elsewhere to have it all? Inquire now so you don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Your slice of paradise awaits. All that’s missing from the big picture is you!

Get a copy of The Ultimate Belize Bucket List! Written by Larry Waight, a local with more than twenty years of experience in the travel industry, the book is packed with tips, information, and recommendations about all of the best things to see and do in Belize.
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