Buy This Luxury Belize Condo Duo Before Someone Else Sees It!

Buy This Luxury Belize Condo Duo Before Someone Else Sees It!

buy a luxury condo in Belize

Whether your idea of living in paradise is a condo that gets you closer to the stars or you want one that’s so close to the beach, you can race to the water’s edge in seconds, there’s a luxury home waiting for you in Belize at Cerros Sands in one of the nation’s most desirable districts: Corozal.

Given the explosive real estate market, grabbing a deal is becoming harder and harder as visitors morph into prospective buyers and investors sweep posh digs off the market faster than a Belize rain shower.

In fact, investors are just finding out about a duo of condos bearing the exotic name of The K’inich Ahau within the Cerros Sands community. The only thing more authentic than the model name is its architectural styling. Based on Mayan art, this double condo is a spacious, modern property that has all of the amenities one expects from a condo in the U.S. paired with that unique exterior design.

What can you expect to see if you take the short flight to Belize and arrive during the month of May when shoulder season makes your shopping expedition an inexpensive trip thanks to shoulder season rates at resorts during your stay? The investment property or retirement home you’ve been dreaming about but never thought you could afford.

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Features and benefits that belie affordable pricing

The K’inich Ahau upper and lower level condos #1 and #2 are located at 811 Rio Frio Caves Way and offer investors, retirees and speculators more than 2,200-feet of floor space. Ranging in price from $269,000 to $279,000, find features on which you would spend many more thousands of dollars in other areas of Belize, thus you can afford to make this a family investment.

The building can be used as one or two residences or maximize the space, so you wind up with four rental units. You’d better sit down when you read how much you get for your dollar if you’re lucky enough to grab either (or both) properties before someone else beats you to it:

-4 spacious bedrooms and 4 baths

-Both floors feature balconies that are more than 600 square feet in size.

-Solid foundations built to Florida standards promise solid construction and years of maintenance-free living thanks to pilings driven into bedrock.

-Patios are beautifully tiled on both road- and seaside-facing expanses and give you 2,000+ feet of living space.

-Rooftop space exceeds 2,100 square feet and includes two storage areas.

-Cisterns hold 15,000 gallons of water storage dedicated to each condo (30,000 total).

-The sophisticated sanitation system includes soak-aways, leech field and separate Grey Water Systems.

-Interior appointments are so stylish, you’ll only find them in high-end architectural magazines.

-Interior and exterior stairwells connect the levels yet privacy is maintained for each condo.

-A green system of 12 solar panels, 16 batteries and other supporting equipment keep power bills low.

Your friends and relatives might not believe you when you tell them how much luxury you get for so little money, but if you’re to enjoy bragging rights, you’d better not wait to see these units for yourself. There’s an airplane waiting to take you to Belize, and it could become the smartest flight you’ve taken since you began investing. For more information, contact Cerros Sands now, to make sure these condos haven’t already been bought.

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