Consejo, Belize - What You Need To Know Before You Visit

Consejo, Belize – What You Need To Know Before You Visit

Consejo Belize

As you travel South from the border between Belize and Mexico, the first settlement that you will encounter is Consejo Village. Situated right on the beautiful shores of Chetumal Bay, Consejo Village is a quiet and peaceful community that is populated by both native Belizeans and expats alike.

There are no large malls or shopping centers in Consejo Village. However, there are a few small restaurants that are much-liked by the locals. The Bucanneer Palapa Restaurant and The New Millenium Restaurant, in particular, are always popular spots to grab a bite to eat.

When residents need to visit a major retail establishment, they can simply drive or boat to Chetumal, Mexico – a large city with 290,000 people that is located just two miles away. Alternatively, if they would prefer to stay in Belize, they can take the 20-minute journey to Corozal Town – a nearby settlement which features amenities such as banks, supermarkets, and shops.

Indeed, it is this proximity to Mexico that has contributed to Consejo Village’s continued growth as a destination for retirees. These retirees choose to flock to the area to escape the cold weather and high cost of living in North America in favor of the relaxed atmosphere, warm weather, and stunning natural beauty of Consejo Village.


In fact, the presence of these American and Canadian retirees has actually managed to completely transform Consejo Village. Having begun its life as a small fishing village and cane farming area, Consejo Village is now a thriving community filled with friendly people and ample opportunity for real estate development.

A quick walk or drive through Consejo Village is the perfect way to see what this development looks like. You will notice that most properties are in excellent condition and have extremely well-maintained landscaping. Simply put, it is difficult to find an unattractive or dilapidated home in Consejo Village.

Of course, if you would prefer to build your own home instead of purchasing a pre-existing one, there is plenty of space in Corozal District to do so. Lots can be purchased at very affordable prices and there are a number of experienced construction companies in the area who would be happy to carry out the work for you. Of course, when you are searching for a plot of land, it is important to remember that seafront land is likely to be a little more expensive than options that are situated further inland.

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