Discover the Incredible Diversity that is Belize in 2019

Discover the Incredible Diversity that is Belize

Belize zoo

If you visit Belize’s zoo, a rainbow-colored Toucan could swoop down and land on your shoulder. This avian ambassador’s impromptu visit makes a great metaphor for this nation: a land that’s filled with surprises and unexpected delights. In fact, we believe that when travelers search for the meaning of diversity in dictionaries, a map of Belize should pop up! From landscape to people and from government to recreational opportunities, many tourists find it hard to believe that there’s so much diversity packed into a nation the size of Vermont.

About Belize and her people

belize people

Are travelers surprised to discover that Belize is an English-speaking? Not if they’ve done their homework. Belize history has been a dynamic one: once home to generations of Maya, conquered by Spanish and British explorers, and ultimately turned into the colony of British Honduras, this melting pot of ethnicities and cultures has resulted in a nation that’s so unique, you won’t find a country in the western hemisphere that comes close. Today, multiple languages are spoken here, and the rich array of cultures represented throughout Belize has helped make Belize the number one Caribbean destination for travelers. Here’s why…

Belize barrier reef and coral atolls

belize adventures

Mother Nature obviously stopped longer in Belize than elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere because beauty and diversity in and around the second longest barrier reef and primitive coral atolls offer visitors endless examples of tropical splendor. Underwater seascapes are so vivid, they appear to be painted by French impressionists. Exciting excursions that run the gamut from diving The Big Blue Hole to snorkeling the reef, exploring rivers and tributaries will fill your vacation calendar to the brim. Whether your idea of heaven is a deserted atoll or heart-pounding deep sea adventures, you can spend your entire vacation in, on and around the water and still crave more!

Inland Belize


Not every Belize visitor wants to spend 24/7 immersed in aquatic adventures. If this describes you, bring an extra memory card, because your digital camera is going to drink in majestic rain forests, jungles, mountains, caves, waterfalls, Mayan ruins and too many other natural wonders to describe here. Belize has become a favorite of filmmakers and award-winning photographers because the nation’s lush, unspoiled natural resources inspire and compel creative expressions that introduce Belize to the world. One visitor told us that it’s impossible to explore Belize’s riches and indulge in so many experiences–from hiking, caving, archaeological explorations, jungle tours to urban experiences like culinary, artistic and cultural immersions–without being impressed.

What are you looking for?

How much will you enjoy your Belize vacation if you have to work hard to plan your itinerary and figure out the lay of the land? Not as much as you would if you put your next visit into the hands ofIsland Expeditions.

The Island Expeditions crew has been around for so long, no other tour company has had so distinguished a reputation since 1987. The staff knows every inch of Belize and it shows. Whether you seek a specific vacation itinerary or you want to see everything Belize has to offer, your wish is their command. Talk to them about your idea of a dream vacation. They are in the business of turning vacation dreams into extraordinary memories!

Get a copy of The Ultimate Belize Bucket List! Written by Larry Waight, a local with more than twenty years of experience in the travel industry, the book is packed with tips, information, and recommendations about all of the best things to see and do in Belize.
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