8 Kid-friendly Belize Resorts to Consider for a Fun 2020 Visit

8 Kid-friendly Belize Resorts to Consider for a Fun 2021 Visit

If you make a list of reasons to visit Belize with the kids in 2020, you can remove the topic of high air fares from the equation. New, direct flights from major North American cities are increasing like rabbits, so whether you’re an American Airlines regular, Southwest devotee, you’re collecting Delta frequent flyer miles or WestJet is your ride from Canada, 2020 makes an ideal year for a “family vacation.” Travel time from major cities is equally easy on families: short flights mean your kids won’t get bored. What better way to start a family vacation!

Resort #1: Chabil Mar Villas

Photo credit: Chabil Mar Villas, Placencia Belize
Photo credit: Chabil Mar Villas, Placencia Belize

What’s in it for kids? For starters, 400-feet of private beachfront so the kids can happily carouse doing what they do best: being young and exuberant. You’ll have a private balcony that makes a great nap-time respite for the entire family and if you would like to have a yummy picnic catered by the resort’s restaurant, staff is always happy to oblige!

Show kids these pictures: www.chabilmarvillas.com

Resort #2: Victoria House

victoria house ambergris caye belize

What’s in it for kids? An onsite restaurant preparing meals your children actually eat, lush grounds that remind your little ones of faraway lands the moment they spot palapa roofs and a pool they’ll happily splash in while you head for a well-earned spa massage or two. Victoria House has won awards for service and amenities—-and staff adores kids.

Show kids these pictures: www.victoria-house.com

Resort #3: Cahal Pech

resorts in belize cahal pech village resort
What’s in it for kids? An opportunity to roam the land of ancient Mayans and you won’t have to fight with them to grab their attention as they learn of Belize’s exciting past. Cahal Pech resort is perched high atop a hill that’s adjacent to the Cahal Pech ruins, so bring a library book about ancient Maya people to show kids how this corner of the world appeared centuries ago.

Show kids these pictures: www.cahalpech.com

Resort #4: Caves Branch

belize jungle lodge caves branch

What’s in it for kids? Tell your youngsters that you’re thinking about vacationing in an old jungle river camp that’s morphed into a complex of 5-star tree houses and watch their eyes light up. This resort is off the beaten path and as “un-touristy” as it gets. Kids fascinated with biology, nature and jungles may just transform your Caves Branch holiday into a “Best Vacation I Ever Had” report!

Show kids these pictures: www.cavesbranch.com

Resort #5: The Placencia Hotel & Residences

pool and hotel at Placentia, Belize

What’s in it for kids? This resort is a big kid’s place to play since it’s the site of the hottest new casino in Belize, so balance adult entertainment with kid-focused excursions like fishing, snorkeling or wildlife adventures booked by hotel staff who know a thing or two about what children like and what they don’t.

Show kids these pictures: http://theplacencia.com/placencia-hotel

Resort #6: Portofino

What’s in it for kids? Surprise youngsters by booking early enough to nab a treetop suite and even your pre-teen will remember how to smile and laugh. Kids are going to think they’ve landed in an adventure movie when they spot this resort’s environment, and there’s lots to do on premises that will keep them engaged. Besides, staff is in the business of spoiling young ones.

Show kids these pictures: http://portofinobelize.com

Resort #7: Black Orchid Resort

What’s in it for kids? Inform them that they will sleep in a rain forest and pique their imagination big time. Surrounded by Belize’s wealth of natural wonders, youngsters can expect surprises, so pack journals so they can record animals and insects they spot during their time in country. Add Belize City’s zoo and cultural sites to your itinerary to wrap up the perfect family adventure.

Show kids these pictures: www.blackorchidresort.com

Resort #8: Yok Ha Island Resort

belize island resorts yok ha at waterfoot island belize

What’s in it for kids? It takes little incentive to send children off on tangents of laughter and joy, so expect this behavior when you bring them to this private island where orange, blue and yellow cabins are crayon-color welcoming for youngsters and parents, too. Swim in the Caribbean and enjoy every memory you build here. Cameras required—and an extra memory card!

Show kids these pictures: www.yokhabelizeresort.com

Every resort is unique in its own way and only you know your kids—their interests, ages and personalities—so do check out all of these and give your children a voice in the decision. Sure, you’ll make the final pick based on the family budget and your own interests, but kids appreciate being included in family decisions, right?

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