Take a Belize Vacation: It’s the Most Natural Thing You Can Do!

Take a Belize Vacation: It’s the Most Natural Thing You Can Do!

Belize Nature Vacation

What’s an all-natural vacation? It’s not running through the jungle naked and living off the land! In fact, the 2020 version of an all-natural vacation can be one of the most luxurious experiences on the planet—as long as you count on resources like Barefoot Rentals and Services in Belize to make sure you get where you want to go in a timely manner so you don’t waste a moment of your time in country. Consider these rehabilitative aspects of a natural Belize vacation and you’ll be convinced.

Your brain needs to go wild

It’s good for you. Combat the stressors and angst caused by daunting commutes, irrational bosses and co-workers more interested in gossip than productivity. Being in nature has been proven to enhance brain functionality—removing cobwebs, so to speak. A “Boston Globe” newspaper article noted that sick patients “recover faster when they can see trees from their windows.” Now, imagine yourself vacationing in a Belize treehouse and you’ve got the idea!

One can’t stay stressed out in the presence of beauty

Surrounded by trees, flowers, waterfalls and natural beauty everywhere in Belize is invigorating and life-affirming. How much nature time do you need? Just 120 minutes a week, say researchers. Dr. William Bird, a Natural England health advisor, prescribes park, garden, countryside and seashore therapy for recovering patients. He says that active family nature vacations have the power to reconnect parents and kids.

Mother Nature makes a great fitness coach

For vacationers who suffer from what’s fast becoming an epidemic called “diseases of indoor living,” strolls along Belize sandy beaches, spotting birds flying over tree canopies and communing with Howler monkeys allow travelers to exercise their limbs, muscles, imaginations and vocal cords. Howling back at these critters can be better than therapy, say Belize visitors who have tried it and found immediate stress relief!

Belize: The Best Country For Adventure

Belize is the Caribbean epicenter of adventure vacations

It’s almost impossible not to get enthusiastic, excited and joyous when plundering a cave, zip lining, exploring the great barrier reef and diving into deep, mysterious aquatic holes. Adventure vacations invigorate the heart muscle and allow travelers to take reasonable risks that can change their worldviews forever.

See God’s creatures while you can

Elusive jaguars. Endangered manatees. Species that once dominated land and sea are disappearing. Spending time seeing, photographing and interacting with all manner of animals can be one of the most inspiring things you do for yourself and your spirit. Happily, there are still many opportunities to vacation among this diversity because the Belize government makes sure of it.

Getting where you want to go is more than just a flight of fancy; it’s an opportunity to let the people who know Belize best to take you to all of the nation’s hot spots while they take care of you. The folks at Barefoot Rentals and Services are on a first name basis with Mother Nature, so whether all you need is transport from the airport to a lounge chair on the beach, you intend to sleep in a tree house and swim with nurse sharks or you want recommendations for adventure tours you might otherwise have missed, this is the only resource you need to enjoy the natural vacation of a lifetime.

Get a copy of The Ultimate Belize Bucket List! Written by Larry Waight, a local with more than twenty years of experience in the travel industry, the book is packed with tips, information, and recommendations about all of the best things to see and do in Belize.
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