The Volcano’s of Belize

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The forming of the landmass of our planet after Pangaea has been nothing short of remarkable. Plate shifting is still going on today with the evidence of earthquakes and the consistent growth of the Himalayas based on the crashing of the plates up from India. It is a very impressive phenomenon.

Sixty five million years ago a meteorite struck the North Eastern coast of the Yucatan and caused catastrophic devastation to the planet. The cloud of dust that choked the sunlight from the earth immediately affected the plants, which then affected the herbivores and later, the carnivores for the most part were demolished. For what we know of the earth now, the sight of it then was not pretty. Mother earth went barren.

The devastation caused volcanic reaction all over the planet. The earth experienced tsunami’s like never before and the earth opened up under the pressure. This started the movement of the plates of the earth. Landmasses started to move toward the formation of the continents. Landmasses at one time were under the sea and at other times above the tide. There is geological evidence that Belize was covered by water at least three times in its history. The evidence of that is the remains of crustaceans deposits – calcium carbonate (limestone), the soil type which according to geologists, colonises sixty five percent of Belize’s land mass.

There is a very interesting rock type however that is not limestone, its granite. Now granite is a tremendously hard rock that is not the result of crustaceans. Unlike limestone, granite is solid and its molecules are very tight. It’s not porous. Granite is a result of high pressure heating. It is a volcanic rock. So, Belize has volcanoes? No. These rocks such as the one in the picture taken at Rio On Pools in the Mountain Pine Ridge were formed volcanically below the surface of the shallow sea that kept the land we know of as Belize inundated for millions of years at a time. So Belize has no volcanoes but the evidence is clear in the mountains that volcanic reaction millions of years ago left evidence of its bile in the mountains of Belize and today we all get a chance to see this evidence at Rio On Pools.

Its time for a swim! Come to Belize!

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