Why Investing in Belize Has Never Been More Attractive

Why Investing in Belize Has Never Been More Attractive

Orchid Bay in Belize

What’s your IQ? We’re not talking smarts here—we’re referring to your investment quotient, and you’re probably saying to yourself, “Who invests money if they’re not terribly smart?”

Truth is, bad investments don’t just ruin the lives of naive people throughout the world, they can even make investors stop trusting their instincts. How to avoid finding yourself in this sort of conundrum? By turning to those who know a thing or two about maximizing gain, and if you can pair your interest in investing with your desire to take life at a slower pace, have we got opportunities for you!

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You don’t have to be Warren Buffett to spot good deals, which is why looking at making an investment in Belize isn’t just the smart thing to do, but it could be your key to lifestyle improvements if you pair investing strategies with common sense. Move to Belize and discover that your investments pay off bigger than they would have back home.

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For example, if you invest in Belize, you get government incentives like 100-percent ownership of land and assets plus support for getting into local economic ventures and businesses, but it’s the financial incentives for retirees that impress the most. Thanks to the 1990 Fiscal Incentives Act, take a tax holiday lasting up to a decade and enjoy duty-free import laws that make it Christmas year-round for small business start-ups. You can even open foreign currency accounts at banks in Belize.

What’s behind all of this growth? Tourism. Just ask the 1 million people who visited the country last year. Tourism has triggered population growth so dramatically, property values are escalating and the nation is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Need a point of reference? Belize is on a similar trajectory as was Cancun in the 1970s, but thanks to government oversight, careful planning, a growing population of ex-pats, unprecedented tax laws and breaks, Belize’s affairs are being much more carefully managed than Cancun’s ever were.

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The most impressive evidence is seen in the rise of communities like Orchid Bay, an enclave of homes bought by ex-pats who not only started new lives in Belize but launched businesses to serve a burgeoning population of other retirees and dreamers. Some live here year-round. Others built second homes, intending to vacation and retire here in the future. All are delighted to have made such wise investing decisions and they’re not reticent about encouraging others to do the same.

Invest in Belize? With a stable government and currency, fiscal business and personal perks that can’t be matched in this hemisphere and home values that continue to rise, the question becomes: Why wouldn’t you want to invest in Belize?


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