Why Your Next Vacation or Retirement Haven Will Be in Belize

Why Your Next Vacation or Retirement Haven Will Be in Belize

The Daily Beast has compiled a list of the world’s top places to visit in 2015 and Belize comes highly recommended.

“After much calculating, percolating and triangulating, we’ve compiled our list of the world’s top places to visit in 2015. As we enter a year unencumbered by Olympic Games or World Cups we can focus our attention without distraction on truly trending destinations across the globe,” writes Brandon Presser, the author of the article.

“With a little bit of everything rolled into a country the size of Massachusetts, Belize is Central America’s darling destination. While the beaches and atolls are an undeniable draw of holidaymakers, it’s the interior that’s next year’s main attraction.”

“Dramatic Mayan Ruins dot the western rainforest between rambling coffee plantations that are stepping up their distribution and giving Costa Rica’s beans a run for their money,” explains the author.

However Belize is not only an idyllic vacation destination for 2015 but also a haven for those seeking a new life abroad.

According to Internationalliving.com, a website that offers tips and advice on retiring abroad, Belize has some of the world’s best retiree programs that gives qualified retirees an exemption from taxes on all income derived from sources outside Belize. For example, retirees can import their personal and household goods as well as a car, boat and plane without having to pay import duties or taxes on those goods.

“The low cost of living means a couple can live well on $2,000 to $3,000 or less a month. Established expat communities make for a ready supply of new friends, and it’s English-speaking, even if it’s the second or even third language for many locals,” states the International Living website.

As soon as you decide that it is time to retire in Belize, it is essential that you head right over to Orchid Bay. This retirement and second home community offers everything you could possibly need in a dream home.

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