10 Perks of Retiring in Belize (That You Never Considered Before)

10 Perks of Retiring in Belize (That You Never Considered Before)

retire in belize

Retire in Belize

Often overlooked by showier destinations in Mexico or Costa Rica, Belize is a sparkling gem in Central America with hundreds of miles of gorgeous coastline, more nature preserves and parks than any other country in the region, and just 355,000 residents. With a stable, peaceful democracy and some of the friendliest and most tolerant people on the planet, Belize is a top retirement destination.

Mainland Belize is approximately the same size as Massachusetts and is home to a staggering diversity of cultures, including Mestizos, Garifuna, Creole, Mennonite, Chinese and Maya. The harmonious combination of low population density and a melange of different peoples, languages, cultures and identities make Belizeans extremely tolerant of their neighbors. This plus a business-friendly government translates to few regulations or restrictions on businesses, property ownership or investments.

Below are just 10 of the perks of retiring in Belize:

Fantastic weather

Retiring in Belize

With a sub-tropical climate similar to Florida, there is plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures all year-round in Belize.

Close to the United States

southwest airlines belize

Cities like Houston and Miami are just 2.5 hours’ flying time from Belize City. And American Airlines has just announced direct flights from London to Belize City starting in November 2016.

Generous rules on visiting/living

belize visa

– Belizean laws make it extremely easy to get a one-year renewable tourist visa.

English is the national language

sailing in Belize

Not only do the locals speak English but it is the language used for signs, laws, and education. Other common languages spoken in Belize include Spanish, Mayan, and Garifuna.

Zero currency risk

belize money

The Belizean dollar is permanently pegged at 2:1 to the U.S. dollar and American currency is accepted everywhere.

Friendly locals

Belize Mennonites

Belizeans are universally hailed as being some of the most hospitable and accepting people on the planet.

A great place to open a business

homes for sale in belize

It’s easy and simple to open a tax-free business in Belize via the IBC.

No restrictions on property ownership

best place to retire abroad is corozal belize

There are no squatter’s rights or restrictions on foreign ownership of property.

The Belize Qualified Retirement Program

belize retirement

Qualifying adults over age 45 can get permanent residency in Belize along with generous tax breaks and an exemption on import duties.

The legal system


Belize inherited its legal structure from the British with English laws and a transparent and fair judicial system.

Where to retire in Belize

A master-planned, gated community ideal for expats looking to retire or buy a vacation home in the Caribbean, Orchid Bay is an established community offering condominiums, land, and villas in one of the most beautiful locations in Belize. Visit their website for more information on Belize real estate and retirement.


Get a copy of The Ultimate Belize Bucket List! Written by Larry Waight, a local with more than twenty years of experience in the travel industry, the book is packed with tips, information, and recommendations about all of the best things to see and do in Belize.
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