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21 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Belize

21 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Belize

21 reasons to buy belize real estate
Belize real estate developers think more creatively than most, which is how beautifully-developed communities like Orchid Bay acquire their exotic names. Crystal waters, vivid flowers, trees and perpetual sun make this residential area one of the happiest places on earth, which is why the following 21 reasons to buy a home here are going to resonate with you.

1. Orchid Bay’s housing options are diverse: villas, condominiums and lots, one ideally suited to your lifestyle. Because Belize property prices are climbing, the market remains strong, stable and demand is increasing!

2. Communities like Orchid Bay sit squarely amid Belize’s path of progress, an investor term that identifies properties poised for appreciation so home shoppers are assured that the area will grow properly over time.

3. Orchid Bay is home to folks who moved here specifically for Belize’s Qualified Retirement Program. Become a full or part-time resident over the age of 45 and qualify for tax breaks, duty-free imports and more perks.

4. Everyone in Belize speaks English and because most of the Orchid Bay community move from North America, you’ll recognize Canadian, Boston, southern and other accents the moment you arrive.

5. Belize real estate is heavily promoted by the Belize Tourism Board, an organization working 24/7 to reach potential buyers. Government is pouring in billions of dollars as well, using its National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan to project future growth.

6. Community ties are strong within developments like Orchid Bay. An impressive number of social activities are in place that are so diverse, you could fill every day with things you love to do and not find time for all of them.

7. Belize weather is glorious year-round, thanks to perpetual sun, refreshing breezes and seasonal showers that usually fall at night to keep things green. Constant temperatures mean no seasonal wardrobe changes!

8. Belize’s white beaches are pristine and offer residents plenty of balance between relaxing in the sun and setting off on world-class diving and snorkeling adventures.

9. Purchase real estate here and you’ll have 24/7 access to teeming jungles, lush rain forests and unspoiled cayes, some so small, you could lay claim to them for an overnight just by pitching a tent.

10. The Orchid Bay lifestyle is heavy on social connectivity and low on stress. Call it affordable barefoot elegance if you will—expect a small town vibe that’s unmistakable.

buy real estate in belize11. Belize is a sparsely populated country, so if you want a place that’s free of traffic jams and crowds, moving to Belize—and especially to a planned community like Orchid Bay—could add years to your life.

12. Even if you failed math class, you’ll never have trouble remembering the currency conversion rate in Belize because it’s fixed at $2 Belize to $1 U.S.

13. Live the life you dream about. Start a business. Build an empire. You won’t have to pay capital gains taxes and after making your fortune, pay no inheritance taxes, either!

14. The number of direct airline flights from major U.S. cities to Belize has grown dramatically. Some flights take just a few hours and competitive pricing keeps your budget from crashing.

15. By moving to a gated community like Orchid Bay, you are assured of safety and a sense of well-being, whether you’re home or at local markets and shops.

16. Move to Belize and you’ll be close to other nations in Central America, giving you access to short excursions that allow you to explore traditions and cultural hot spots.

17. Live in an environmentally-responsible nation. Initiatives to protect the land and wildlife are impressive. Orchid Bay received the highest environmental compliance rating for sustainability initiatives over five years.

18. Your world will expand amid the culturally rich diversity that distinguishes Belize from neighboring countries. Non-stop festivals, holidays and events year-round represent the nation’s many nationalities.

19. Because Belize has remained relatively unspoiled and committed to wildlife preservation, you won’t need a zoo to see abundant wildlife on land, on shore or at sea.

20. The housing market is vibrant. Orchid Bay homeowners don’t pay capital gains and estate taxes, property taxes are low and rental yields are climbing as rental income is taxed at less than 2-percent of gross receipts.

21. The Wall Street Journal calls Belize one of Central America’s best values. The Boston Globe says ex-pats rave about transparency when buying homes here. Want to know more? Contact an Orchid Bay property specialist at (470) 223-5493.

It can be hard to buck a tide—especially when that tide is driven so enthusiastically by people of all ages who come to Belize for sun and fun and find the people, lifestyle and cost of living so irresistible, they make the nation their forever home even before they planned to retire. We urge you to tour our beautiful community and chat with folks who can’t remember what life was like before they moved to this compelling slice of paradise.

Get a copy of The Ultimate Belize Bucket List! Written by Larry Waight, a local with more than twenty years of experience in the travel industry, the book is packed with tips, information, and recommendations about all of the best things to see and do in Belize.
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